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  1. Amazing video! I am a bookseller-graduate in Media (I am based near Bath) currently preparing my cover letter for a role in a publishing company and I am finding your video very useful! Thanks!

  2. Please make more videos, I am very interested in approaching the editing industry (BS Social Sciences and MA History degrees and I'd like to become a historical fiction author) so it'd be great to hear more of your insight!

  3. Hey do you mind me asking – as an international how did you go about getting your visa in relation to job applications in London? Visa first (Tier 5 Youth Mobility?), job first, or – how did that timeline go?

  4. Hi, This is Gio Ryoo from Korea. (Yeah, Republic of Korea, the South!!!)Thank you for your fantastic video!! :)I am wodering if want to get an internship such as Peguin Random House, may I apply to them, because I am an international person not native American;;;;Could you tell me about more information about it? :)When you were on the internship, did you see any international people?Please let me know.Best,Gio Ryoo.

  5. Thank you for the video. I been wanting to work in the book world as a designer and very passionate about books. Sadly, where I live finding a publishing company is rather difficult so I been looking to design for author through freelancing.

  6. Hi there. The video really was very comprehensive and helpful.
    You said you worked in marketing and you mentioned your job responsibilities. My knowledge is painfully less in the stream. So out of curiosity, what purpose does each of your job responsibility serve?
    And what do you mean by promo designing? Like, do they make promo videos for author events? Does the publishing company host Author events? If so, why?
    Also, the first 2 things you said.. Scanning and copying of newspaper articles and the one after that.. What exactly does that mean?
    I realize that most of my questions are the annoying why questions.. But I'm really curious..
    So try answering.. 🙈

  7. I just applied for an internship as a bookseller and was wondering how long it took the pubilishing companies to answer to your application since I'm unsure how long to wait.
    ans when you say you get free books at the pubilishing companies, may I ask how many books you took home?

  8. I'm studying English Literature at college, i'm in my first year. But I'm from Portugal (at a portuguese college) and dream to work in publishing here. I'd love to try to get some work experience next summer, after my second year but most publishers here don't have a "Job" section in their sites. 
    Do you think is ok for me to go there directly and ask if they offer those oportunities? Or is it weird to walk in there and ask whoever I see such thing?

  9. I have an interview soon at an academic publishing company for an internship. I'm a science graduate, I have no work experience AT ALL, and I know how competitive publishing can be. I'm super nervous, but I really want to do the internship cause it would be a great stepping stone.  

  10. Hi Sanne! This video really helped me on what to expect with working in publishing, and I just wanted to ask you something. I'm now in year 10 which is when we do work experience at around Easter time, and I'm really interested in work experience in either HarperCollins or Hot Key Books as well. I just wanted to know if it's exactly like you described? And do they even allow work experience for students my age? I have other questions as well, but right now I just want to know some basic information 🙂

  11. This might sound NOT like a publishing question at first, but do read on.

    Ive got this friend of mine who owns a bookshop back in my hometown and is not doing pretty well. He dont get much books in and the place that i was working at was keen on expanding their reach. Should I suggest that they contact him and perhaps turn that bookstore into their exclusive outlet? ITS MY FIRST DAY!

  12. Thanks so much for this! I'm trying to get work experience at the moment… what would you say is appropriate dress in publishing for experience/interviews – smart casual? Any definite no-nos? Thanks xx

  13. Great work experience advice! I worked at Penguin too and it was super fun! Lots of meetings and discussing where and how a certain book would be marketed. Lots of book launches and sporadic meetings with authors. Hmm I might just do a similar vlog on my own work experience 🙂

  14. I want you to know that I'm being motivated by your videos, I mean, you're a great English speaker and you're my inspiration on my learning process of the English language. I really appreciate dutch people, too, because they're so smart, I mean, understanding most of German, French and English languages. Thank you very much ! Kisses from SP, Brazil. 

  15. Hi Sanne:D I've just watched a few of your vlogs as I haven't watched some in a while! I bumped into you at the Marcus Sedgwick event @ w'stones Piccadilly while ago, by the way!
    This video was SO useful 🙂 I have to apply for work experience later next year as that's my year before exams in school. I want to work at a publishing company(coincidentally, HKB is the top of my list and you work there:D) so this video was really helpful! -thanks 🙂

  16. This was great information and gives me a lot of useful tips, but I would love to hear if you know of anyone who would have similar tips for the US? We don't have work experience like that, just longer internships, and a lot of people trying to get them.

  17. It's very true. I'm still in school, but almost every summer opportunity or publishing house I find is in New York. It's disconcerting because I really dislike New York and don't like the prospect of living there being my only chance to do what I want. I'm trying to get into a university press internship. That would definitely be something to try. They prioritize students, but if you can get in, they're likely to be helpful in finding your next step because they do work with students so much.

  18. That must be a European place. But omg, you're so lucky! I majored in English in college because I want to work in editing. But I've been out of college for a few years and still no luck. It's really discouraging. I like your tips though! It makes me want to try harder. I don't live in New York or San Francisco so I feel like there's no hope Cuz those are the main places for our american houses. 🙁

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