Publishing Undergraduate Research

my faculty mentor Knight from the get-go knew that we would want to publish it in a journal we're thinking of they're called supplement series which is they publish articles that are more data-driven and have less analysis so we've always kind of had that goal in mind and I'm pursuing that I've presented at various conferences to kind of gauge if my entry with my research is relevant and interesting to the field and then another thing that we hope to do is publish on my data online and so that with if people do read the article and they want access to the data that's the whole point of our research is to give them that access so we'd like to post that all online for people to access and use dr. Farah and I pretty initially after I started my literature review and the initial research had discussed writing a publication so we spent a lot of my years working on that I had to find which journal I wanted to submit it to and I found my favorite researcher for my personal research is Miles belfies so I decided to pick his journals that he submitted a lot of his work to so we're working on an article I'm presenting at Cerf and as well as n Kerr so for us it's just really getting that information out to suit the student body and then in addition to my own research I created a pamphlet for students with type 1 diabetes and that will hopefully be in the Student Health Center by the end of this year it has a section for students with diabetes so just things advice for them on how to deal with it how to cope with it because it is a very different condition and it's very individualized so you need to be prepared for what's gonna happen for you and then as a second part which is how to talk to your roommates about it and that's what sets my research apart from a lot of the previous research because a lot of the previous research is solely on students experiences and mine goes a step further and addresses how you interact with your roommates and how you come to those conclusions on addressing how you want to cope with it but also keeping your roommate in the loop because that is a very different setting students have been and prior to this when I've talked to my mentor about sharing the results it's been firstly we focused on the fact that you can't give individual results a lot of participants will want just their individual results and that's not really something we can do but we've also talked about the ways to you know draw conclusions from this research and so we can look at our sample and say we've had 28 families so we can't generalize it to everyone you can really only talk about the families that we've they types of films that we've worked with and it is such a small sample that even then it's not generalizable to everyone I think that's really important to realize before you go and make those conclusions with it everyone else when dr. fair told me that we should start looking at journals to submit an article for I I can't describe the feeling I was really empowering to know that I'm just an undergraduate student but my mentor has enough confidence in my abilities my writing my research that she's willing to put her name on the line to submit my work so it was really reassuring feeling to know that yeah I'm doing this serve me as a personal journey but I'm also doing this and I can help other students and kids with diabetes to really learn how to cope with it and I can share the story I've found and I think that's it's a really cool feeling to know that people across the world may be able to read my work in a couple of months

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