Publishing in SIAM Journals

why it's not clear what would happen to computation and applied math if there weren't any siam journal i mean sigh and reynolds really are quality importance and they are affordable so I mean I always try to publish in a siyum Jordan and I encourage my students to go so for more than half a century sams peer-reviewed journals have been the leading forum for the exchange of interdisciplinary research between mathematicians and other scientists I've been run since really the advent of the whole discipline I mean saw him was was the original and still a leading society and applied math and the journals evolved as the you know interest of the applied math community grew I think siam has always been fairly judicious in in choosing areas and limiting the number of journals so they would always be very high quality but within the last five years for example there have been a new journal in imaging science one in financial mathematics and most recently in uncertainty quantification I don't know of any other series of journals that covers that breadth and depth at siam journal so for example say I'm review right ensign review you have survey papers off of new and interesting areas for which books don't exist yet so for example in my area randomized evidence i am review paper there's no book but that paper i can give for the students and they can read it if you're a new researcher just centering your field those journals can help you very quickly get up to speed with what's been done in that field also show an example of if you wish how you should write good papers and what the standard should be in scientific publication publication in science highly respected journals can be an important career event they're very very well respected in the community i've been on many promotion and hiring committees and i'm really impressed how often referees and committees talk with high respect of publications in siam turtles siam journals have helped me a lot and in fact i've published often in siam review which is a very widely distributed journal and that's been great when you publish their you get the most recognition you could imagine those are my highly cited papers there's the prestige and there's the visibility if you publish in siam journals and you're an applied mathematician the people who see your papers are the people you want to see your papers one of the ways i am journals differentiate themselves is through a comprehensive review process that includes copy editing we get usually to referee reports and usually they are two fairly careful referee reports and then usually a paper gets revised in response to those referee reports and also then copy edited and eventually published most publishers don't copy at it anymore and we do and we do a very good job of it and our members really value that because it's service they don't get elsewhere serving in an editorial capacity is another way in which sian members can benefit from the journals the people that are pointed to the boards are recognized leaders in the area so I am has always had a policy of rotating people through boards so that you don't just get bored stagnating the same editors and the same editors-in-chief for long periods of time so there's a continual process of sort of refreshment and renewal you learn an amazing amount of things you're not just reading your papers and the papers of people that you work with and collaborate with if you're on an editorial board you need to be prepared to handle papers that are not in your field and do something intelligent with those papers so you're forced to broaden yourself you're forced to read things you normally wouldn't read you're forced to talk to people you normally wouldn't talk to professionally I can think of faint projects I have been successful in that I wouldn't have thought of doing had I not refereed a few papers with an expanding international presence siam journals continue to be the world's link to the latest in applied math and computational science research what makes me stay in the field and i think most applied mathematicians is not only when you look at a problem is there something novel from the Disciplinary the science to engineering okay but there's a mathematical question okay and where do you publish that so you're proud of both okay do you publish it in a disciplinary dorant where you can but the math is gonna get lost okay do you publish it alone in a mathematics journal all the reason for doing the problems lost okay siam gives you the opportunity to put it all in one place

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