Publishing Games in China – APPTUTTi CEO interview with GameBuz

hi guys and welcome to another show this is a show where we talk only about games and gaming industry today and Shannon and I have awesome opportunity to talk to Don the founder of the company opportunity there may be bothered what's up to reason why so excited aware I'm so excited well I'm gonna tell you guys if you are thinking about publishing game in China your wife does not easier welcome to our show yeah so I'm just gonna stand and introduce you a little more to our audience your background is in IT yeah so very big guys if you are just gaming market in the world the biggest revenue actually especially mobile gaming industry comes from China the new work in kya kar you were a director for Asia Pacific Oh as each that's why so little surprise for overseas so basically you have to Parker you do something with higher rank in children which is the world base this is the base for all other products in the world see this place here and – mm exactly when working with chat mobile you have a new idea then everybody in China were having a problem onboarding for developers for developers us today is no different I think for you guys when you're working a check was so hard to find a good and suitable support to get the Chinese market and you recognize this when you were working with so then I and since then in me mm how many companies okay that's all for for all China so from 1,000 stores that we have in China 90% of the market is occupied 20 stores right how many as integration we covered already so we try to make good attention if you are using to the solution for coming to China those SDK equities right and you are able to integrate all changes for 20 to make this for you guys all these big names like nineties and others they're focusing on the highest end of the games so this is the media plan is those graphics okay so the gathering is also the forbidden but all the weeks ago now when I was doing research about I I will shot you really affordable prices for developer services and sound ever extremely useful can you walk me a little bit about the pricing system that you do have you giving a freemium solution so everybody can use to publish again and then you are offering the visual things like I saw this for $200 you can have somebody get ICP license from your game in China that's huge we heard a lot about the licensing problems for the for dinner personally I am able to grant everybody the Sun for Super Bowl amount of time 45 days west or they never gonna speak service VP Spitzer which they'll have to get in seven days to prove that $600 can you maybe talk a little bit more how's this possible they can just so you have $20,000 great for everybody who's thinking about coming to China and publishing and this is a do you I'm personally guys I learned about optically over the last a few months and making it some great service awesome how we have doubled here who is really passionate about helping actually for developers he is IT background but his strong engineering is actually what's needed it's going to be super hard for everyone to learn their deepest chinese-speaking employee or lack of international times for the corporations here to help teachers using IP and having seamless work done without even going to commit over to China is I think in itself an awesome idea for every game developer having the additional thing on top of them is giving grants going overseas to all these big events and also China joy is the closest one can you guys so if you're coming to China trade you can reach out to tea I invite you all to go to Facebook page and like after the Twitter if you guys are I am a little random that just make sure you get yourself more familiar with active services yeah these fat all the creator's thank you thank you guys for saving us and assume the next show stay also pick out and don't forget to follow the game bus for all awesome news in the game Oh

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