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– Hey everybody, Emeka
comin' atcha from the Blueprint Publishing
Academy and here today, I'm sitting down with one
of our students, Soorej. And Sorrej, Sorrej is
the Slumdog Millionaire. He is the rags to riches story. He is the prince of India. And his story is– – (laughing) – By far one of the most
inspiring Kindle Publishing self-publishing stories
I've heard probably ever. Personally, I think and I
know there's a lot of people who back me up with this statement and this is a bold statement. Soorej is the most successful Blueprint, successful publisher, period, out there with how he's
built his business. And, you know, we're going
to talk today about his setup, his business setup, what he's done, how he's done it and
some other great things and he's not a newbie to the channel. He's done a couple interviews so I'll link those is the description for you. You can go check those other interviews, kinda see the progression of his growth over the last few months but Sorrej, man, it's always good to see ya. How are you doin' bud? – Yeah, it's amazing
to be back. (laughing) – Bro, now, you're somewhere
special right now, huh? – Yeah, I'm not so special
anymore. (laughing) – No, no, no. You're somewhere special right now. – Okay. – You, tell everybody
where you are right now 'cause you're not in India. – I'm in Bali, I'm with the twins. Oh my god. (laughs) – You're in Bali with the
twins you lucky bastard. (laughs) – Yeah. (laughs) – Alright, buddy. Before we started recording,
you were about to tell me what it's been like
hanging out with them– – Yeah, yeah. – And Cassie was there Ollie's over there. – Ollie's here. – What's it been like
hanging out with them for the last few days? How, like what are some of
the things that have been going through your mind or
have things changed, like– – Yeah, it's amazing. You know, I've been
soaking the whole thing in and I'm just like a sponge
soaking everything in. The first time going online, the first time talking to
people like outside India, it's been such a mind shift, you know? It's just, it's amazing. Like, I never knew things like
this is possible, you know? I always thought I was
the black sheep in India, I'm just going against like everyone thinks
I'm the weird one there. Looks like I'm not weird,
all of them are weird, – Yes. – It's been amazing hanging
out with these people. I mean, I can't describe it, you know? It's been a real eye opener, just extended my limits,
like what's possible. It's amazing. – We've spoken about that on our coaching calls before, right? – Yeah. – You know what I mean?. – Just getting around the right people, what it does for you, and how it helps expand your mindset. – Right. It's amazing. I mean, it's gone beyond the mindset. It's given me, I can't put words to it. I can't put words to it. – That's awesome, man. Well, hey, I'm stoked. I think that's just so
cool that you've been able to hang out there, – Yeah. – And just take everything in. – Yeah. – Especially with what
happened with Cancun, you know, – Yes. – Cutting it so close, you know? – And getting denied at the airport, – Yeah. – I'm freakn' stoked for you, man, and, yeah. So, another very important
milestone happened – Yeah. – This past month for you, – Something that maybe you didn't even think
was gonna ever happen, something, you know, your wildest dreams. You know, talk about making
your first $10,000 month with Kindle Self Publishing. What was that like? – Oh my god like, honestly, the $10,000 mark wasn't that
exciting as the first $1,000. I have to agree, the first
$1,000 got me crying for a week. I didn't know what to do at first. – Really? – It was so amazing, but $10,000 is just an extra zero, but $1,000 was like life changing. I don't know, it was life
changing, the first $1,000. – That $1,000 was really,
it was something for ya. – Yeah, yeah. It was way more powerful than the $10,000. – Yeah, and you know what, man, I'm with you on that. – Yeah, yeah. – December 2016, when thing
really started blowing up for me in terms of publishing, blowing up, when I made my first like
$1,000, $2,000 month, everything changed. – Everything changed. – You know, and not like financially, it's just mindset – Mindset, yeah. – Right? – Yeah, yeah. Your confidence boost that
you know what you're doing, it's amazing. – Were you at least excited
about making $10,000 last month? – Yeah, it was exciting. I mean, it was my early
goal to make $10,000, but I would say it was
harder to make $10,000 because to scale from $1,000 to $10,000, the first $1,000 was the hardest. So I feel if people just get
the first $1,000 running, it's easy to get the $10,000. It's not that hard. You just repeat it, you
do what you've been doing. – Hey, how many months
did it take you to hit the first $1,000 month? – It took me a year and a half. – A year and a half? 18 months? – Yes. – Give or take a month or two? – Yeah, 18 months. – 18 months to hit his first $1,000 month. – Yeah. – You know how many
people would have quit, would have given up? – Yeah. – So many, right? So many.
– Yeah. – All right, so let's get
into numbers for people. So $10,000 in November. – Okay. – Do you know the break
down in terms of paperbacks, e-books, audio books roughly? – It's mostly paperbacks. So I would give like
60%, 70% to paperbacks, and the remaining 30%, 40% to e-books. – To e-books. – It depends on the niche. I have a lot of pictures, so paperbacks are selling better. – Are your big thing. Okay, now let's talk about, kind of walk people through the journey. – What clicked for you? When things really
started clicking for you, – And then let's walk
them through the type of publishing business
that you have set up, – Because it's a lot different than what a lot of people are doing. – Right. – You know, you're not a Kindle publisher, you're not a self publisher, – I'm not, yeah. – You're running a publishing business. – Yeah, right. – There's a difference, right? – There's a difference, yeah. – This is exactly what I've always wanted students to achieve. – Yeah. – You know, so when did
things really click for you? There was that one pivotal moment. – Yeah. – I remember that you told me. – Want to talk about that? When things clicked? – It was when I– I followed your niche. – I remember I was pissed, I was pissed, but looking back, it was the best thing
ever to happen to you. – It was the best thing
to happen, you know? But it's the same thing you teach. So it's just about building
the brand around your thing, you just follow what you would say , and you'll be building a brand in no time. So have a Facebook page, have a back end, have all
books in the similar vibe and the similar pattern, that's the whole thing you
teach in the accelerator. So just apply that, and you'll be building a brand in no time. – So, Soorej is, those of you who aren't familiar, he's talking about the Self
Publishing Accelerator. – You started with my
Self Publishing Blueprint, and then you ended up going
with the coaching program that I have. – The coaching program, yeah. – Through the Accelerator, – Yeah. – And that's where it really dives deeper into building a brand, – And going deep into your niche, – And building the actual business, the right marketing. – I mean, you have email camping, and email templates in there. – Right, I literally give you
the emails to send to your, – Right, yeah. – I make it idiot proof. – Yeah. – So, you know, and
that's only $147 a month. – Yeah. – Like, it's a steal of a deal. – It's a steal. I mean, forget the calls though, the 15 minutes you get to spend with you. – The strategy calls, right? – Yeah, I would pay more than $150 for it. – Exactly. I can't tell it's worth it, but you know, you saying the value of some
of these calls was insane. – Yeah, it's amazing. I always make a profit on those calls. I spend , I save like $300 of mistakes. So it's always a profit on those calls. It's always a profit. It's the way I really
think of it, you know? – All right, can we talk about the set up that you have for this
$10,000 month business? – Yeah. – First off, let's talk
about how many niches are you actually in? – I think I'm just in one. This one niche and I'm trying to expand into my second niche. – So, one niche right now? So he's taken one niche and
built it from 0-$10,000 a month before he's even thinking about
going into his second niche. – Yeah that's right. – Now Sorrej, most publishers
do a couple books in one then do a couple books together,
couple books in the other. Why did you decide to go
with one versus doing, you know, what's called
the, "Shotgun Approach," and going all over the place. – I mean that's like the fourth or fifth lesson in the blueprint. The pyramid, it's a no brainer, I don't know why people don't know that. I mean you literally say start at 1,000 and build
up to 3,000, 4,000. I'm just doing that, I don't do anything like out of the blue. Just that pyramid you know? I'm still working on the pyramid, I still haven't built the pyramid up so– – So you're still working on it? – Yeah, I'm still working on the pyramid. – Yeah, 100% experiment so you
just literally followed it, didn't question it and you're like, "Well he says, just do
it all on one niche, okay I'll just stick to one niche.'" – And just do it in the niche, I mean, you even give vital lists
before you enter the niche. I had that and I'm still
working on that list. I still haven't got all those books out. – This is why I call you
the greatest student alive. Like, you just listen, you just do exactly what
you're supposed to do. Right? – It's no secret. – There's no secret, yeah exactly. Now some people might be like, oh well if you kinda
go all over the place, success might come faster
or whatever the case is but, you're finding that it kind of takes the same amount of time. – I mean, I've been getting people saying, "It's a lot of work to build the back end in the actual business, build books." But I didn't, I don't
agree with that, I feel it's more work to like compound books do e-book research and do all the shit, like VS, handle VS,all
that is harder for me, like I honestly find that harder and that's the thing that's
stopping me from the new niche. I don't want to do all, I
just like building things and my customers, my people,
I get that you know. So I honestly feel it's
easier to build a brand then show them the things
in outward e-books. Because it's much easier for me you know, I just released a
bundle, it's my first one and I didn't do anything, I just put the book out, I start lamus, identifying and send
an email to the people, like I have a book out, I didn't do that and
I only got two reviews and I only made $50 off the book, in like three or four days. That's amazing, I mean I haven't
even sent a promotion yet, I'm still working on the first email, The Book of Slave, I
haven't told my people The Book of Slave. That's amazing, I don't think shotgunning is easier than that. I really don't think it is. – Explain what your
business is like right now. – So, it's more of like I
take care of the customer, more than making money. I know that sounds
cliche but that works so you actually need to
care about the customer. I bring out books that
people can relate to . Like I put my voice in that, it's not just you take a writing company, put the books, push it out. I take the writing, I take my time, I put my the brand value, the brand story, I make them relate to me, so it's the brand thing now, so I have powerful brand story going on. So every person who bought my book, have my brand story. What they do is like, in every book I have my own tone, I have a little of humor, I have the things in all those. You know, the wise going on for me. So people just fall in love with that because it's a very different approach because they're used to
all these just like– – Cookie cutter books, yeah. – Yeah, cookie cutter books
so people just love it. I have a book with 90 reviews, like all organic, like 90 organic reviews, that's amazing so you know people love it. Once people love the tone they
get them to an email list, so I have two free e-books for each book, so a person buys a book, they get two free e-books. And those are not the five dollar e-books. There amazing books, like
you're gonna love those books. – So, they buy a book from you and then you collect their email, and then you send them
two more free books. – Three, yes. – Why send them two and not one? – So one's a lead magnet, just a very juicy type to get them in, and the next one is a
book that you need like, what could I say so, it's a sequel book you know? I don't give that to everyone, it's kind of hidden in the book so, if someone gets to that point, they get the book for free. Otherwise they don't so it might be the 70th
page or the 68th page, I just hide it somewhere, so it's kind of like a
pleasure kind of sorts so it's not publicly available. There's a link so only
if you follow that link, you're getting that book. Otherwise, you don't get the book. – That's awesome, that's wicked. Then talk about what like, what you have, what's involve in your publishing
business right now like, so you– What do you do, you do emails, you have Facebook groups
you're involved in? Talk about how your
audience responds to you. – Once they go through all– They're very impressed you
know like the book that– They just sign up for the things and I have like a Friday
sequence that goes from 5-6 days. I know I should improve but as of no exist Fridays. That's the Friday sequence
that goes on well, they get their interviews
through my brand. It's more of a brand , it's nothing like, I'm not selling people, it's more of the introducing to brand, it's like you know what
you're going to get, my story, the brand value, the brand. It's a real branding thing so like one that can expect from me, so I have a Facebook group but I just offer support to people where they can communicate
with each other. Same as the other group, I got the idea from your group. I have a good Facebook group. I have a page where I entertain people, I give things out for free. I do my own marketing that I do, so a page that I have like
400-500 people on that, then the email list has the
welcoming and all those things. When a new book is
published I send that out and recently I just
hired three-four people to start like weekly blogs on that. So I send weekly content, just content, good old content, 1000
words of content every week, for free and I just hired a
person to do YouTube videos. I could have done them but I
don't think that's my thing so I wanted to stay in the– – You want to stay at what you're good at. – Yeah so I just hired a
guy to do YouTube videos and the guy do just manage the whole thing and the guy above that,
the guy you gave me to manage the guy under it. This is how it works so a person is like, once he gets it, he gets a book, he's actually in a whole
new world, you know. Like free videos, free content every week, and the group for support and like entertainment on the page. It's a whole world they get into. When I send out emails, the people want to reply. I send out email, I get like 50 replies back. – Geez You're running into that
problem, you're like, "I can't reply to all
these emails I'm getting." – Yeah, right. – I remember on one of our calls, you were telling me. – Yeah I can't reply to all
those email and I don't want– It's amazing like, people
actually want to talk to me. So yeah, how is this
harder than shotgunning? You tell me, how is this harder? – Well okay, here's the beauty part, do you even do any keyword
research anymore when you do your new books? – No I don't look. I don't look keyword research, I don't do organic ranking,
nothing, it's just– – You don't worry about that,
because you built an audience. – Right – Right, and like that's exactly you know, with the brand that you found out about, that kind of, took it all off for you. I realize like, wait a minute,
if I build an audience, which I did, and then
I build an email list. Then I can ask them, what books you want and then just come out with the books, they go buy it, Amazon ends up ranking it from whatever keyword, Amazon wants to rank it for, because Amazon's smarter than us when it comes to human research. So they'll rank it better than we can, and it just all starts
happening organically, and that's that like, you don't have to worry
about review swaps anymore, any of that fun jazz, it's just easy. – Yeah no more worrying
about the ranking too that's a big part like, don't have to see where my book is, second base, third base,
first book, second book, it doesn't matter you can get sales. – Yeah, doesn't matter, you
know your book's selling. – Yeah, that's right. – I love that man. Freaking love that. – And you get so passionate
about what you do, you know it's not just pumping out
real weird books on all day, yeah, take that book, take that book. You get a feeling towards it. – Now do you have to be
excited or passionate about whatever it is that you're doing, if you want to build a brand around this? Because I know I was and I tried it– – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I tried it with another
one and I was like, oh my god, this is a little
bit more challenging, because I wasn't as excited for it, but– – Yeah. Right, right, right, right. – Did you like, I don't know, what are your thoughts on that? – It would help if you're passionate. It would be great if
you're passionate about it but if you just, sort of like it. I like you know like, computer programming and things like that can be very hard to onboard if you're not passionate about it. Other niches are like in non-fiction or general issues. You can all basically have
a small liking towards it and you can hire people that are actually passionate about it, run the whole thing once
you reach like 10,000 so like what I am doing now. I'm not that super passionate about it so I hired a guy who's passionate about it so you can think of stuff
like that once you're — But the first 10,000 you'll
have to grind it out, yeah. Once you're there you
can hire people to do it. – The first 10,000, you grind it away, suck it up princess, just get it done and then you start hiring staff. – Yeah hiring people. Yeah right yeah. – Let's talk about staff for a second. Let's talk about the Publishing Manager that you bought through my Publishing Manager Training Program, and how that's impacted your business and the stress you had before, the problems you had before, trying to do it on your own, compared to now. – Yeah you know if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be in Bali. Put it as simple as that. I was working on all
the things, I was like I mean, what more do you want? I wouldn't be in Bali for– Taking like a week off if I
didn't have the things there so he's just, he just gave
me my life back you know, in the literal sense, he
gave me my life back so I've been like working,
working, no family nothing. Now that he's taking
care of a lot of things, I have time to focus on bigger things. I'm hiring people now
because I have more time. If I'm just concentrating
on just pushing books out and getting the things
out and publishing stuff, it doesn't work so if you– – Go ahead, go ahead, sorry. – Yeah, yeah so when you– It frees up a lot of time you know so he actually gave me my life back so he's taking a lot of things off. I can concentrate on what
I am passionate about like training people,
getting more good people in, like skilled friends or
high-talented people. So things like that and
making more of a business, so it all started with him, it all started, without him
all this wouldn't be possible. – What are the issues you ran into when you were trying to hire somebody and train them yourself compared to what I was able to deliver for you. – Yeah, so the weird thing
is I knew this was coming. I knew I was gonna get a lot of work and I just hired someone so
I hired someone in India. I did go through, I did interview them, I did like go through what he
can do and things like that. But the guy screwed me
over, I should have known. I can't prove the weather like,
we had so much work pending, like so much work pending that I was just pulling out my hair. You remember I like, "I need to talk to you and I need to talk to
you and it's like–," – Yeah, we had a couple
emergency phone calls. – Yeah, that's right so he was like screwing the whole thing up. I give him work, he doesn't do it, I mean I don't want to
get more deep into it but the night you gave
me, he's all motivated, I just gave him a list of things to do and he does it. I don't follow-up, I
don't do anything, just, you can do this, this, this, and then have it weekly. He's amazing, he takes
responsibility for it, you know it's not like
I have to pushing and can you do that, can you do
that, please, do it, do it good. So that is amazing, I don't think I could have
hired a better guy myself, so it's amazing. – Well that's the point of the program. – Yeah so it's my first person so you gave me like, what to look out for when
I'm hiring new people. – Yeah, so now you will be
better at hiring people. – Yeah, exactly I know what to look for. You gave me, again you
gave me a blueprint, what to look at people,
so I know what to look at. Taking responsibility is
what I know I got from him so I know what I'm looking for in like, people I hire, they know. Makes things a lot more clear. – I love that man. I absolutely love that. As we wrap things up
here, you know, 0 – $1,000 was 18 months in the process. Thousand to ten thousand was– – 10-11 months, right. – Yeah 10-11 months. – Yeah and the three to four months were– because of the other day. – Right – In three to four months you can do more if you wanted, yeah. – Right, so it should have been like seven eight months, okay. – Yeah – You know now, are you starting
to do some back-end sales and stuff like I've
seen some conversations with some other people from the blueprint. What are your thoughts on that? – So I wasn't able to
concentrate on the back-end because I was too busy
doing the front-end work so now that it's getting all automated now I'm getting on the back-end like I don't want to just sale
things without giving a look. SO that's why that is like
weekly blogs coming up and weekly YouTube channels, YouTube
videos and all that coming. Then I want to sale them back-end things, I just don't want to like– I can sale them now, I can just send them a link
or a peeler product, whatever, but I want to give value first before extracting more out of them. So that's my plan so once I get the social
media thing running so I start monetizing it real good. And I got some great ways to monetize it from the contacts here,
networking people here, they give me huge ideas. I know I can take like 2,000-3,000 with just the back-end now. – That's awesome man. Hey, one thing we didn't talk about is people always thinking, in non-fiction, that people only buy your book once and then they never buy from you, which I think is the
stupidest thing in the world. Clearly people are running
their business the wrong way. What's your experience with that. – I can give you some proof
on that if you want to. You know like I can show you the ranking before I send them in,
it's at 8,000 it's like, straight 8,000, 7,000 the
ranking just shoots up. I can post that in the group if you want? Proof of like, non-fiction works. – So people are buying
multiple books of yours? – Yeah they are. – I love that. – It depends on your brand again, you need to brand it
so that they like you. Not just a guy who's like trying to make money off Kindle Books. You need to tell them
that you care about them. It's all about the branding, you need to build a relationship, I mean they are not dumb,
they are not like bots, so they are real people
so when they relate to you they're buying your stuff. – If you're just using
cookie cutter books, with no personality, yeah of course their only buying one book, your book sucks. Right, like that's it but you
know I speak from experience. What's his name? He lives in Florida, Ben,
Benjamin, Benjamin has bought every single one of my books that has come out for my brand. He's bought every single one. How do I know is because
he sent me an email every single freakn' time he
ordered the book of Amazon. Left reviews for every single– Like he's my number one fan, love it. I've had multiple people. Just the other week you
know, this guy name Frank, asked,"Hey, when's your
next book coming out, it's been like a month and a
half, where's your book at?" Non-fiction, people do buy multiple books, from you. – If you have the brand right. – If you've done it right. – Yeah if you've done it right. – 100% Any tips or anything you want
to give the newbies here, or anyone watching this video,
who's looking at doing this. – You know, the first 1,000
is the hardest you know? It's the first 1,000, just take it out of the first 1,000, then it's easy, then it's easy, getting to 10,000 is not that hard. My first 1,000 was the hardest you know? Ten thousand was easy, from 1,000-10,000, the first 1,000 was oh my god, I went through hell and
back to get the first 1,000. – Well, I'm glad you came
out the other side okay man. I'm glad, I'm glad. When are we gonna meet man. When are we meeting? – I want to, I mean wherever
you are, other than Mexico, I'm coming there. – Hey when I win this trip
from the twins, for Bali. For being their first
student to hit 10k in ACX. I come to Bali, you
gotta fly down to Bali. – Yeah, you are coming to Bali. I'm even planning on moving to Bali now. Like being around these people, like yeah my business allows
me to do that like, why not. I can afford to get a
proper villa here now. – Get the fuck out of
India, as fast as you can. Get the fuck out, okay? – You're not gonna grow, it's just like me and my– I aint gonna grow any anymore being here. You're reaching capacity for
the environment you're in, gotta get in a better one or a higher caliber one, right? – Yeah that's right. – That's awesome man,
that's awesome, well hey, when we move to Canada, do
you need a Visa for Canada? We got a lot of Indians
in Canada so I know, I know Indians can get into Canada. – Yeah, it's easier than Mexico obviously but yeah I'll be there, I'll be there. – Let's start stamping
that passport 'cause we doing Cancun 2019 again. – That's awesome,buddy
it was great having you on the channel again, thank you so much. – Thank you for having me. – I'm excited to sit down with you when you've crushed your first $20,000 a month in this business. – Yeah I'll be back. – Like it's, bro it's coming like you're gonna be one of the– Ten to twenty is gonna be
even faster than, you know, one to ten. – Yeah that's right, yeah. Now that I got things going, it's all automated, it just, they do the work, it's like– – It's just scaling now right? – Yeah it's not on my head anymore. It's not like my thing
to get the books out, I have people doing it, it's amazing. – Yeah no it's a– Yeah, it's so crazy. Even with my business like it's– It took me all of last year to get up to– It took me 12, 16 months to have my first $10,000 month and like in two months I double it. – Yeah, exactly. – Three, four, five, six, in
six months I've doubled that, you know from making 40. Like it's, you're right, it's always that first, that
first is always the hardest. – It's always the hardest, yeah. – That's awesome man. Alright Sorrej, it's night time for me. It's morning for you, I'm sure the twins are
kicking around somewhere. – Yeah they are. – They are, awesome, alright buddy, we will speak again soon alright? – I'll see you, yeah, bye.

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