Publishing and Subscribing in SlopeCharts

some people put a lot of work into the watch lists they construct and they would like to share that with other people and there are plenty of slopers on the site who have taken the trouble and time to construct very helpful lists and you'll find them available for your perusal gold and diamond members have the ability to publish their own lists and subscribe to the lists of others and here's how it's done here my watch list right here and I've already published quite a few of them I'm going to deliberately unpublish this for the sake of this example so here is a list I put together called primer eyes and this is a list of 90 different United States stocks that frankly seem to do a little bit go up all the time and so it's a helpful list and it would take a lot of time and research for someone else to construct this so what I can do if I'm going to share this with the rest is just go down right click and click on publish and it's I can just click confirm I'm done or if I want to write a little more insight to what this list is about I can do so let's see here US stocks that have a propensity to rise all the time and so I can click on confirm and at that point that list is instantly available to everyone and the cool part is that not only do they get the symbols but every single markup and embellishment I've put on the chart is also displayed now people can't monkey around with my charts and delete things and so forth they are read-only relationship with the charts but it is helpful when you're looking at the list someone else's published to see basically what they're thinking by way of they're drawn objects now besides the act of publishing for others you can of course subscribe you just click on the watch list title and you go down here to subscriptions and when you do that the star log box comes up and it lists all the available watch lists that exist from various users and you can see here on the right column the status now there are three possibilities owned is my own I can't subscribe to it because I already have it unsubscribed is something that I'm not presently subscribed to and the other choice would be subscribed and that's if I choose to subscribe to it so as you go through this you can you can change as many as you like to subscribed and when you do that so for example here's gold stocks I can change this to subscribe and save that and what will happen at this point you get back to where it was on the chart is that there will be a new watch list gold stocks and you can see this special symbol next to it indicating this is not my own list this is something that in this case the bishop of battle created and I can see here all the individual symbols within that list one final thing is even though I cannot mess around with his own drawing options and so forth perhaps I want to take this whole list and do some things to it on my own so what I can do is I can export this data and basically put it into an independent text file or I could copy all of those symbols into a watch list of my own and at that point be at liberty to do anything I want to those individual issues so again there's two sides of this there's your ability to publish any watch list of your own and they built a deed to subscribe to any of the watch lists that others have elected to publish

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