Publishers Clearing House Scam | Plays Well With Scammers #2

hey everybody Chazz Marlar from pair of dice paradise and just a couple days ago there I was sitting at my computer editing some video when the phone rang and imagine my surprise that on the other end of the line was Publishers Clearing House telling me that I had won 1.8 million dollars not only surprising because I've never entered their sweepstakes but because Publishers Clearing House does not actually call its winners nope calls from Publishers Clearing House is a well-documented scam fortunately just happen to have my video camera sitting on the table next to me that day so I decided to play a little game now technically it's not a board game but it is one of my favorites to play so I thought I would share it with you in the form of this public service announcement enjoy yeah those the ones with the doors with the balloon no no no I haven't [Applause] liked well not today but maybe like what date range no no no I'm actually not able to get home I'm stationed on an oil rig so I'm out off the Washington State Coast so not not at my place of residence right now my this stint is six or seven months depending on you know depending on how much crude we get it really really depends you know if we get a really good vein we could be out of here in five months but if it's it's just a trickle the foreman says that we're looking at closer to eight no she's not home very often she works the little dinghy that helps guide the ships in from from the bay out to the oil rig so she's she's out nearly you know 14 16 hour days sometimes depending you know again how many boats are coming into the rig and how much how many barrels we got offload each day so so she's kind of hard to get ahold of is is is it in her name where is it in my name okay if my wife's not home could there be someone else there that would be able to claim it for me hmm how about because we moved across the country for the drilling job so we don't want to have any close relatives nearby how about a really close friend covering Greece here can you hear can you just I got a pen can you tell me your number name in Washington okay oh it's like like yeah like the state where in the oil I'm glad you told me because that doesn't match the number in my caller ID at all so that that's good yeah hang on hey Tony for I need the forum and to give me a new allen wrench set because we've got the Johnson writes all Johnson rod is all screwed up over here yeah I need the big the big allen wrench set and some paper towels because we got exactly the big big roll of paper towels to go with the big allen wrenches cuz everything on this oil rig is huge um can you tell me what's the statute of limitations on how long because everything on this oil rig is huge okay thank you yeah get those to be at Sue's I'm off the phone I'll pick them up from you the huge this huge phone it's just to cement as this oil rig you

17 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Scam | Plays Well With Scammers #2

  1. I just received the same, exact call today April 12, 2019, with the same voice and a guy calling himself Norman Morris tel 876 597 8318 and that I immediately remit $350 W. Union or MoneyGram to Alabama before the delivery by FEDEX of $1 million dollars certified check in one hour. BIG SCAM

  2. On an oil naughty puppy. My hubby is retired from the merchant marine. He LOVED the oil rig part of this..truly inventive.

  3. I just got off the phone with this type of scam! I am pretty sure it was the same guy you had, although I think you got to have more fun with it than I did. Thanks for sharing this man!

  4. It's fun to see you waste their time. Please don't turn it into something where you are telling them that they are scammers.

  5. Love this, always mess with the phone scammers myself. Found it best to just hand the phone to my 3 year old and time how long it takes for them to give up.

  6. While I found this entertaining, I am a bit concerned that you told them you were not at home for a few months. It almost seemed as if they were for fishing for information for possible burglary. Please keep an eye out.

  7. LOL Chaz! I love these. Do they contact you often enough to make this a series? Too funny. I do what you do and string them along. Time is money and so I try to deny them other victims by wasting as much of it as I can!

  8. Washington State Want adds: Wanted- Dingy Worker. Must be willing to work long hours and maintain a good grip. BS in oil riggery or equivalent, not required in any way, but a plus. Must speak fluent pirate, Old timey pirate preferred. To apply send your resume to: DIngy 374A Willapa Bay Washington. Dingy mail service is spotty at best, so please allow 6 to 8 months, if you are not notified in that time, please re-apply.

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