Publisher Rocket 2.0 vs KDP Rocket 1.0 Review: What's the Difference

As you know my team and I are always
working to improve and add to rocket that's why we just set upgraded from KDP
Rocket 1.0 to Publisher Rocket 2.0 and in this video I want to show you some of
the key changes and improvements that we've made to Publisher Rocket 2.0 also
if you currently have the old version of KDP rocket don't worry you get a free
upgrade to Publisher Rocket 2.0 I personally hate it when software
companies make people pay again when they only made their software better so
enjoy all future updates and upgrades for free by the way if you'd like to
stay up to date on the latest improvements to Rocket as well as stay
on the cutting edge of Amazon changes that affect authors then be sure to hit
that subscribe button in the little belly icon to the right so as to get
notification of what my next video comes out and with that let's look at the
major improvements that we've made to Publisher Rocket 2.0 improvement number
one looks speed and the strength of the program when I first created KDP rocket
we only had two features keywords and competition over the past couple of
years we added the category feature and then the AMS keyword feature however the
infrastructure of the program became bogged down slower and we were limited
in what we could do so we redesigned rocket from the ground up making it much
faster and even more reliable plus it now gives my team and I the ability to
add even more features to it we have more in the works that will be coming
out very soon to include international markets long time market analysis on
categories new AMS keywords audible data and more improvement number two book
data in version number one we only analyze Kindle data however with Rocket
2.0 you can now select between book data or ebook data just like if you were to
select book or Kindle in the Amazon drop down menu and rocket will focus on that
information also in our competition analyzer feature you now have the
ability to see how other formats of the book are doing as well so as an example
if Amazon showed the Kindle version of the book and the results just click here
and rocket will show you the respective data for that book now authors can get a
complete picture of how well books and their
eBook version are doing on the market with a simple click of a button
improvement number 3 the new category feature in KDP Rocket 1.0 users would
have to go type in a descriptive phrase and rocket would go through enlist many
of the categories found from the books in the search results for that phrase
this would require authors to have to type in phrase after phrase and do
search after search and sift through over 12,000 plus categories in hopes
that they find one that is unique for their book furthermore Amazon got rid of
the category strings on their pages and would only show this hard part is that
if an author wants to be included for that category they need the entire
category string so with version 2.0 you no longer have to search in hope or
manually build category strings instead we've listed all 12,000 plus category
strings in both books and ebooks right there for you just go in select either
book or ebook fiction or nonfiction then Rocket will present you with a list of
main categories choose from there and just like that every sub category will
be listed along with the Amazon bestseller rank of the number one book
in the category and how many books you would need to sell in order to be the
new number one also you can quickly click here to organize them from easiest
to hardest to rank number one for so no longer do you have to hunt and guess you
can just see it all right here improvement number four better AMS
results and filter system just like in version 1.0 2.0 includes Amazon
suggestions Amazon A through Z suggestions search results in categories
but we found something extra that we were able to put into 2.0 that I'm
really excited about and that's Amazon's similar books lists we found in their
coding that Amazon has a list of books that it believes a particular book is
similar to and note these aren't the books Amazon puts on the sales page
what's great about these is that because Amazon already believes these to be
relevant these keywords should have lower cost per clicks and give greater
chance for more impressions plus they're even more relevant to your search
speaking of relevancy one the chief recommendations that rocket
ads users would give is that there wasn't a good way to filter out
information that they didn't want instead users would have to go into the
Excel export and clean it out manually well that's no longer the case because
in Publisher Rocket 2.0 we have two different ways in which you can filter
out information to make your AMS export that much better the first is our main
filter system which you can select the type of data you want to see or not and
then there is the specific data and where it came from down here the second
is on specific rows of data if you see a book you don't want it in your export
just unselect it here and it won't be put in the export so there you have it
guys with Publisher Rocket 2.0 we've improved the speed and the functionality
of the program we've included a much better category system and we've even
improved the results that our AMS keyword feature gives you plus we now
have a much more room to be able to do even more things over the next couple of
years and as always all rocket users get free upgrades and updates as they come
out so we're gonna continue working to make sure that Publisher Rocket is by
far the best out there and with that I thank you guys very much I hope you
enjoy the new changes and as always we'll be on support to help Cheers

45 thoughts on “Publisher Rocket 2.0 vs KDP Rocket 1.0 Review: What's the Difference

  1. Hello! I just got the software last night and I'm currently evaluating it to see how well it works for my purposes. I have a suggestion – A clear search or all searches button. Whenever I do a keyword/competition search and I'm finished, I click all the X's (close buttons). But when I switch tabs for any reason, the searches I already closed are all open again. The tabs just will not go away permanently. It's leading to clutter. I have to close the software and reopen it to be able to start completely new searches without any of the old tabs reopening themselves. Thanks! Let me know where your suggestion box/email address is so I can send these critiques/suggestions there please.

  2. Is there a way to know back end keywords for any specific books ?I’m planning to buy but I’m looking for that feature.

  3. Great job, Dave! KDP Rocket has provided the best ROI far above any other service or tool I've purchased to help me market my books–and it just keeps getting better.

  4. Thanks so much, Dave! I know this has been A LOT of work. Thanks to your content over the past year, my sales this year are already double last year's, and we're only five months into the year! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work–and you!

  5. Thank you! You are one of (if not the) best content creator out there. I love your videos and blog posts. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Dave. I can't thank you enough for these AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS. They have come at a critical time in my writing career. From hoping that I can get a best seller in the US, I now know it will happen very soon thanks to Rocket and its new features.

  7. Thanks so much! Outstanding and never paying for an update is the cream on the cake – not many people do that.

  8. Wow this looks AMAZING!! I can't wait to try it out πŸ˜€ THANK YOU for making these awesome updates!

  9. OH man. I just upgraded. What an incredible product you have created. 100 percent worth every cent. Great job guys!!!!

  10. Fantastic news, Dave! Love the new features and improvements to existing ones. Can't wait to try out the new update tomorrow! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  11. Brilliant! Thank you so much for your work on this. It is SO VERY MUCH appreciated that you don't charge for software improvements. I am also grateful that your model is not subscription based. Keep up the good work!

  12. the category search feature in publisherrocket does not work very well. it allows only one screen of categories when you know there are more. It does not allow you to scroll down on additional categories than appear on the first screen.

  13. Wait a minute. I have publisher rocket. I updated a week ago. This look like my update. Is there a new version because I already updated. I am confused

  14. Thank you so much, Dave!
    I have the version 1.0.55 and I am looking forward to the update.
    Please make a video on how to update to Publisher Rocket πŸ™‚

  15. I really want to buy, but the issue is a price too high. Can you change it to a monthly basis?
    Like $10 to $20 per month. You will get more and more sales.

    And also if you add a trial period of 7days or 1 month

  16. Hey Dave, I was waiting for the Update for the international markets. Can you tell how much time it will take to integrate the intern. markets to the software?

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