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hello everyone and welcome to the class this is david a cox with and today we are talking about a little piece of software called publisher plus for mac you've probably never heard of it but you're gonna love it for those of you who grew up in like the 80s and 90s you might remember something like print shop deluxe this is a little bit like a grownup version of that it's a fantastic piece of software the other thing I want to mention right off the bat is it very much resembles the older version of pages for Mac a lot of people like the old version of pages better than the current version and for those of you out there who I just described pay attention so publisher plus for Mac it's made by a company called Perl Mountain soft and the first thing I want to go over today show you where to buy it so check this out if you go to their website it's $39.90 now there is an option to get a trial right here with a little download button of course links to everything I'm about to mention are going to be in the description of this video however if you go to the Mac App Store and you just simply search for it publisher plus check this out 20 bucks so save yourself a little bit of money go right through the Mac App Store if you decide to get it and just for a full disclosure a part of the reason why we're doing this class is more and more companies lately have been sending me other software or their products saying would you please consider reviewing them and what I say to every single one of these companies is look I'm only going to review it if I like it if I think it's going to be a good solution for a lot of people then we'll both be very happy but if not I'm just not going to talk about it so I've had a few months now to play with the software and I really really do enjoy it and so I'm genuinely recommending this to all of you let's go into the actual app here you'll immediately see it definitely starts to resemble the old version of pages when you open it you're brought to this template chooser now if you're going through at the same time on your computer as I'm showing you this video and you don't see all the same templates don't worry I'm going to show you where to go to get all of them and what you'll find is that these templates are incredibly very well designed for a template so right at the top we have of course your blank options if you want a blank landscape or a blank portrait style template you can use that flyers like check that how cute is that for a bake sale looks a little bit better than Sharpie on a blank piece of paper okay and the way that all of these templates of course work it's what makes them a template is all of this text all of these images it can all be swapped out so it's very very simple and of course I'm going to show you how to do that today see a few more options of flyers here then we get into brochures you'll notice something a little bit different here and some of these you'll see we have this little arrow icon and what that means is that for that particular template it's a multi-page template so for example for this one for Discover Australia flip it over you can see it's obviously a trifold that's gonna have an inside and outside very very cool okay bike biking lesson brochure okay you can swap that with really anything have a bunch more here scroll down a little bit further I'm going to scroll a little bit slowly so you can kind of get an idea for them newsletters for those of you who are in some sort of an organization whether it's your local Mac users Club which by the way I love making guest appearances at or if it's something like a church group something like that these are fantastic and a lot of these actually in particularly with the newsletters usually the last page it has space for you to put a name and address that you could theoretically fold this staple it and mail it the one thing I have not seen an option so you can do a mail merge that's the one downside okay so just be aware of that a whole bunch of different newsletters here and there's more in a moment catalogues okay perfect for small business owners just going down a little further we have posters for your holiday barbecue or whatever it may be scroll a little bit further magazines perfect for whether you want to make it look like you just appeared on the cover of fitness magazine for kicking your butt over the winter or whatever it may be menus um I don't know if I would use this if I'm a restaurant that's you know currently up and running and been up and running for a while but certainly for a lot of restaurants that are just opening up and fighting all of the costs of getting up and running this might be a really really good solution who knows if you do enough work it may work for a permanent option one thing I want to mention by the way right now is that you know when we're talking about printing one of the things I always encourage people is to get these things professionally printed don't do it on your home printer folks okay it's going to look if it's especially for business you want it to look really good I'll give you a few different companies that I've found to be really really good in the description of this video the one thing you want to be aware of is that those printing companies can dramatically change in prices so you can you know go on the the cheap side like Vista Print to muqaam which makes possibly the best card stock I've ever seen in my life cards and invites okay not a ton of options here but you know some and there's more that you'll be able to get in just a moment little letters for that I'd probably just use word or pages envelopes resumes the resume templates they have tend to be a little bit on the flashy side so I don't know if I would recommend it unless maybe you're an actor otherwise you might want to go something a little bit more clean and professional business cards if you're looking to design a business card it's not bad to use this maybe as a guide or as a source of inspiration but you may want to check out we have a separate class that we did that mark recorded called creating a business card with canva link to that in the description for those of you teachers out there if you have you know little kids that you you know work with and you want to show them you know good pat on the back you can make your own certificates here very very easy to mock those up disk covers for those of you Millennials discs those are those things that you probably use as a coaster and yes I realize that I am technically a millennial and I make fun of myself all the time for that so let's show you how to actually deploy one of these babies how's that sound so let's just go into one of them let's just go into a technology newsletter double-click on it and it brings it all up here and let's go through how to navigate let me just expand my window first so the where I would begin if you're just getting started here is go to the very very top left where it says store there's a little purse icon despite the fact that it says store everything here is free okay so they have all of these additional templates that do not come with the software and my theory for why they did this is they wanted to show you some of the best of the best right up front but they wanted to keep the size of the software small so if you download these you know they do take up some space it's not significant but it does take up some space so we have a packs for each category so brochures Flyers business cards etc so go through them check them out and if you decide that you like one of these maybe you like these menus okay you can click either the download button here or if you do want everything just hit download all so like all templates all of this is swappable so anywhere you see text you can just simply double click on it and highlight it just as if it were a Word document and put in whatever you want okay anywhere where there's images you can swap those out too and I want to show you how to do that so here on the left hand side here we have your photo libraries now forgive me it says iPhoto over here I do actually have a photos library that would normally show up I had to do a little bit of work on the library and that's the reason why it's not showing up but for all of you it should and you'll see here you have this little triangle next to where it says your photo library if you click on that you'll see all of your various events photos and albums right here so if you are doing this for something like business or a club you might want to have your photos for that club organized and have them in something like an album so you can very quickly navigate to them okay you can also just drag and drop a folder if you want over here so let's say you're the kind of person that doesn't really use a photo program but you use Dropbox okay you can drop your Dropbox folder right over here and then navigate through that the other thing that is worth mentioning is yes you can literally just drag any image from anywhere on your computer or the web like um yeah well here's the image for this class right here I can literally just drag this onto my document and there it is one thing though I want to show you check this out so I dragged it into the middle and it gave me the whole graphic but if instead moment let's delete that if instead I dragged it onto where there is another image see how it highlights that image when I let go it swaps it so that's that basically how you use a template so if I want this background image here with these arrows to be maybe this nice sunset photo I can just drag and drop that of course that one doesn't do it dude oh I know what that's because that's actually built into the background in this case sorry bad example let's go to a different one let's just drag and drop it in here there you go it works fine okay so that's about getting photos the other option you do have is they have built in clipart and to get that go right here bottom left corner looks a little bit like a flower click on that and we have all of these different categories of clipart okay now to my knowledge and my disclosure here is that I am NOT a lawyer to my knowledge all of this clipart you can use for whatever you want the exception to the rule is search results so when you use this option here you can actually search on Google Images for other images just be very careful with this stuff because you don't want to get sued over using someone else's photo quickly we'll go over the stuff here at the top navigation bar we have a generic text box so if you want to add text somewhere where there is no text currently just click on it you can see it added this box here it says double click to edit text I'll just type in text here and then you can drag that wherever you want I can put it up here at the top I can put on top of an image whatever I want the other thing you'll notice here is that when you are clicked on something like an image or text you'll have these little arrows right here pointing up or down that's just basically to change where it applies where where it lives in terms of layers so if you have two different images overlapping and you won't want to be on top you can use these arrows to determine that next thing we have here is shapes so whenever you want something like an arrow maybe to point something out you can click on an arrow and you use of course all these little dots or enta to determine the thickness the the size of it in general as well as of course over here on the right hand side okay so they say we're going to where you're going to change the style so if you want something like a gradient you can choose that right up here if you don't you can just change the color to something else you can add shadows reflections similar stuff that you can do of course in pages moving on we have the draw tool something I don't sense a lot of you will probably be using a very generic calendar ok that's basically the only form that I've seen that it comes in and backgrounds ok so see how it what I was talking about that's actually the background that's why I couldn't swap it out so you can have a background that's either just a solid color give into a pattern or you can do an image if you do an image it's most likely going to be coming from your computer you're going to tell it what kind of image but there's a ton of different options here you can say I'm going to scroll through and it's just an easy way to kind of change up the look to your newsletter or whatever it is you're trying to produce ok so you can have fun with it just gives a little bit of style over here on the right hand side ok this area right here is what in pages we would refer to as simply the inspector and it's going to change based on whatever it is you're clicked on so for example if I go to click on a photo you know and it can figure out that I'm dealing with images here so I can you know change different stock and add a reflection for example right there again my shadows ok images ok this is where you can go when you're dealing with a photo you can basically with one click for example make it black and white ok or you can change the color you can add you know a little bit of extra saturation if you really want those colors to pop out a little bit under the arrange tab ok I want to show you a great example where this can be handy especially in something like a newsletter let's use this clipart of a girl right here ok I'm going to just kind of shrink her down a little bit by clicking on the corner and if you want to kind of you know jazz up your newsletter one of the tricks you can use is you can cause the text to wrap around the image and the way you do this is you're going to click on your image go over here to arrange and click this box right here and check it out see how the text just kind of molds its way around her pretty cool right now that's only going to work on an image that has a transparency well it's it's going to work on an image that's non transparent but it's going to certainly look a hell of a lot better on images that are transparencies one little downside about the software someone brought this up during the live class know there does not appear to be an instant alpha option within the software unfortunately so for those of you who are familiar with instant alpha sadly it's not an option here but who knows maybe one day glided in as a feature say they would certainly be good in my book okay some of the other things you'll find over here if I'm for example not clicked on any object right here is you can change the page size so if you're not doing a you know an a4 size you can switch this over so it'll print to an envelope you know legal size whatever you want just by clicking on one of these options right here when you're done with your project you have a whole bunch of different options for what you can do with it we have a share button where you can email it message it airdrop tweet it Facebook it or flicker it who uses Flickr anymore you have all those options right there with one click you can also hit export now if you hit export you are sending this out as a basically a locked document essentially I know that there are there's piece of software out there that can do modifications but essentially it's a done deal it's a lock product so PDF is the most universal format for something like a newsletter or a menu it's also going to maintain very very high quality if you're having it professionally printed there's one little tip I would like to give you the goes slightly off-topic for those of you out there who create big newsletters you may be aware the PDF files can be giant there was a magazine that I used to have a relationship with where they would create their magazine as a PDF and it would be like a hundred and forty megabyte file you can't email that so they would hire me to shrink it down and there's this great little piece of software that maintains really high quality and shrinks it down I would be able to get that 140 megabyte file usually down to about five megabytes and let me see if I can show to you it's right here PDF shrink will probably do a separate class on that at some point in the near future that I will put a link to where you can get it if you want in the description of this video other formats that you can export to PDF P JPEG PNG TIFF no one uses BMP anymore and PSD Photoshop hit cancel on that one print I think that's fairly self-explanatory and that really is it it's a really really simple piece of software I encourage you to just have fun with it a one less thing I do want to mention before we go here at the very bottom okay you'll see here that we have these arrows and a book okay that's for navigating between which page you're on you may have already picked up on that if you run out of pages and you need additional pages you can click on this book and you'll see there's a little plus symbol here also if you want to remove one of these pages like let's say I don't really need this last page here you can hit the little minus symbol and that will remove it one quick little note I would like to make because I know the manufacturer this software is watching this video I want to point out to you guys something that I can't tell if it's a bug on my end or if it's something in the software that is affecting most people I noticed that a lot of times I not always you can't actually move these pages around so if you want page one to become three theoretically it should be that you just drag it and drop it you'll notice it's not sticking so to the manufacturers of publisher plus Perl Mountain soft I want to check that out I suspect for those of you who are watching this video it's something that maybe they're already aware of they just have yet to release an update to correct that little bug but I've noticed that it seems to happen sometimes but not all the time very very strange anyways publisher plus for Mac is a fantastic little piece of software there's so many different templates to choose from and for those of you out there who are like me and I just took a total idiot when it comes to graphic design and that's by the way why we have Mark Collier because he's a genius this is just a lifesaver it's so easy to use it's so user friendly bravo to them I think they did a really really great job thank you for watching the class everyone if you're watching this on youtube please hit that little thumbs up like button we do appreciate it leave us a comment let us know if you enjoyed it if you decide to purchase it if you liked it and we'll see you next time also you can hit that little subscribe button that we can stay tuned and find out when we come out with our new classes this is david a cox with class dismissed

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