Publish Windows Forms Application

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  1. I have a question can someone help me I build 2017 + Crystal report 13 + Access database 2016 need deploy it but not work if not install access run time and crystal run time files. How put all file on the setup we create…files needed??????

  2. You are deploying the application on the same machine , how to deploy it to other remote machine ?

  3. sorry…nevermind… i figured it out… the entire folder has to be "zipped up"( i right clicked and clicked on the send to compressed zip folder option)…then email the entire zip file… then the recepient needs to unzip the file…and then they can execute the setup.exe on their computer…

  4. thanks for the video… i got the setup.exe file to run on my local computer…but whenever i email the setup.exe file to other people…it does NOT download for them once they receive the email…do i need to send another file…or send it another way…

  5. Am into game development, can i use this method to deploy my finished games wether with unreal,unity or cryengine?

  6. I have an embed code in my program for third-party font because I can't install that font on every computer. After all the code I tried to publish my winform but getting error path not found on other computer because that project is on my local computer.

  7. Ween i click on finish this comes up; An error occurred while signing: SignTool.exe was not found at path C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsWindowsv7.0Abinsigntool.exe. Login Form
    Can you help?

  8. I tried to follow this video but i do not have the publish option, and in the other way add new project i do have recent,Installed and online only,no way to find installshield…what do i do??

  9. Thanks Sunny ,that was a great learning tutorial. But i have just one quest in my mind.

    There are 2 types of application in the visual studio,(under c#)
    "the blank application" & the "window form application",
    and if i need to upload my file to the windows store then on which type i should work on?

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