Publish Application on Citrix XenApp 6.5 – Part 4

Hello Friends, Welcome back to ProHut IT Services.
Good to see you back. In the last video we learned the steps of
installing and configuring Web Interface Server. In this video we'll learn the steps of publishing
application on Citrix XenApp server. We are on Citrix XenApp Server now. To open Citrx AppCenter, click on Start, click
on Admistrative Tools, Click on Citrix, select Management console and click on Citrix AppCenter. Click on Yes to allow an executable to run. .Net is asking for the startup changes. We
are not changing anything. Click on Ask me later To configure and run the discovery click on
next. Uncheck Single Sign On as it's out of scope
for this video and click on next. Add the Citrix Server that we want to administer. We'll select this local computer. "Add Local Computer" this will add CTX01.
Click on Next. Click on next again. Discovery is in progress. During discovery
process, it checks all the Citrix Services primarily IMA Service. It also check Citrix connectivity with datastore and couple of other things If it fails then we'll see an error message
in description. Great. No error. This confirms that Citrix
XenApp installation and configuration is successfully completed Click on Finish to close the Wizard. Now Let's start with the process of application
publish. Expand Farm name i.e. NewFarm. Expand Servers,
it shows list of servers that are part of this farm. To publish Application, select Applications
and click on Publish Applications. Click on next. Type the name of application that you want
to publish. We'll publish pre-installed application for
this demo i.e. Notepad. We'll give the name as Notepad and the same
we'll give in description. As we want application to be accessed from
a server therefore we'll select an option i.e. "Accessed from a Server". We'll discuss all other options in the future videos. Click on Next. We need to specify location of application.
Click on Browse and browse the application executable. Notepad is located in C:WindowsSystem32
folder. Command line is to define the path of application
executable. Working directory is to define the path of
application executable file. Click on Next. To configure server on which this published
Application will run. Click on Add. Double click Servers and select the server
on which application is installed. Click on Add and then click on OK. We can also add multiple servers if the same
application is installed on multiple servers and we want application to be load balanced. To specify users who can access the published
applications. Click on Add Open domain name i.e Type credentials. Please ensure that you have at least read only access of your Active Directory Open users and check "Show Users". It will
display all the users. Select the user to whom you want to grant
access. In this demo, we'll give access to TU1 Add the user and click on OK. Click on Next. To change the icon, you can click on Change
icon. Check "Add to the client's Start Menu" if
you want the application to be visible at client's start menu. Or if you want an application to be visible
on client's desktop then check the option "Add to the client's desktop" Click next. If you initially want to disable this application
then check the option "Disable application initially". For advanced options, check "Configure advanced
application settings now". We'll talk about advanced settings in future videos. Click on finish to close the wizard. As we can see that application is published. Next step is to access an application from
client machine. We are on Win7 machine. Let's open Internet Explorer and browse Web
Interface URL i.e. It says "Click Install to access your applications". If we click on Install it will take us to Internet to install Citirx Receiver. Citirx receiver is required to read ICA file.
Let's click on "Skip to log on" I want to show you an impact of not installing Citrix Receiver. Type user credentials and click on Log on. We can see Notepad application. Click on the
icon to access the application. We are not able to open an application because we have not installed Citrix receiver on this machine Now next step is to install Citrix Receiver We can even install Citrix Receiver
from Citrix XenApp media. Let's map DVD of Citrix XenApp with this machine. Right click DVD and click on "Install or run
program from your media". Click on Yes. Click on "Manually install components". Click
on "Common Components" Select "Plug-ins and Streaming Profiler". Select Citrix Receiver. Citrix Receiver is installed successfully.
Click on Ok to close the window. Click on "I will enter the URL later" Open Internet Explorer again and browse Click on the top ribbon and select "Run Add-on". Click on Run to run Active X control. Click on Allow to trust the program. We can see a green check, it confirm that
an appropriate client is available on this computer. Type user credentials to whom we have given access. We gave access to TU1 user. We can see Notepad. Click on the Notepad icon. Click on Allow to allow an application to run. Great.. Notepad is open. We published Notepad on Citrix XenApp Server i.e. CTX01 And we can access the same from our client machine i.e. Win7. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you liked this video then please don't
forget to like, Subscribe and share. Bye.. Keep smiling and have fun.

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