Publica – Publishing Books On The Blockchain

13 thoughts on “Publica – Publishing Books On The Blockchain

  1. Great video! Would be fantastic to make one like this entirely from the readers POV. That way we as authors can put it on our websites helping overcome their initial fear of the great unknown. Thanks Captain Crypto, you're a real talent.

  2. This is awesome. Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency. It can be used for variety of purposes. DeepOnion has already showed that by making use of blockchain for Deepvault (File Verification) and VoteCentral (Democratic voting)
    These books should help people understand wider range of uses there for blockchain.

  3. I love stuff like this, its brilliant how new uses for the blockchain are being found. Stuff like the DeepOnion DeepVault feature that allows you to register documents on the blockchain and verify if they have been altered or not. Something that could be very use in the world of copyright!

  4. Nice vid, very professional, you have definitely some skills.
    I think blockchain technology could bring many advantages to the masses, not only for book authors but in many different aspects (privacy, social media, financial freedom).

  5. I love the idea of books on the block chain.

    DeepOnion do documents through its deepvault app so I guess this is similar.

  6. Great Idea books on the blockchain ha? if I have to use privacy coins for those transactions then I will use Dash or DeepOnion.

  7. Great video, very easy to understand and informative. To be honest I would never have thought of combining books and blockchain. Speaking of inventive crypto currencies. I have recently got into exploring privacy coins (DeepOnion, PIVX, NavCoin etc), would be great if you can share your thoughts on them too.

  8. 1. Blockchain has nothing to do with decentralisation. You can have fully centralized blockchain.
    3. Only few blockchaions out there are immutable.

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