PTE Writing Essay: Easiest Structure | Common Mistakes | Step by Step Explanation | Marking Criteria

27 thoughts on “PTE Writing Essay: Easiest Structure | Common Mistakes | Step by Step Explanation | Marking Criteria

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  2. Your videos are the topnotch! It covers every nook and corner of the topic. Watching this video is making me confident like anything. I'm sure I will score 79. I will be commenting my test results once my results for the exam are out( which will be 79 for all modules

  3. Hi Varun,

    I want to join your course , I Think I am not good on the Fill in the blanks section, In what way I going to get the training is through by learning the grammer or any other way ….

  4. Thanks Mr Varun, for the videos you guys have created; they are encouraging and succint. They helped me to a total score of 83 with all above 80.

  5. Hi, Varun I have doubt, is it need to include line space between paragraphs. I mean between Introduction Body1 Body2 Conclusion. I always add line space to have a clear look. Does it create a problem?

  6. Dear Varun, do we need to give initial tab space before the first sentence of each paragraph, pls respond, I am going give exam in a couple of days….

  7. Hi Varun, I came back here to thank you so much…your tips and strategies helped me to score 80 in the first attempt…thanks again for sharing…god bless you dear

  8. man, you deliver great content in your videos. if you improve your accent it will definitely extend your audience

  9. I want to ask that in describe images if we use same format like there is a beautiful image in front of me and let me have a closure look of this image and title of the image is this…..can i use this format in all my 5 or 6 describing images???It will affect my score??please guide me

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