Protecting your writing thru Copyright and Self Publishing

you you guys have got to got to register your work and I'm not talking about the WGA you got to do that too but they're not gonna protect you when it comes to anything in the courts you have got to do the Library of Congress and get a copy right and it's easy it's online it's only like 35 or 45 dollars I don't remember but copyright your work before you talk about it with anyone before you send it to anyone if you don't here's the tip I didn't know but my boss let me know who my boss is David Dunham he's a fantastic guy I'll tell you about mentoring later because that's how I met him through asking him to be my mentor and he said if you do the little you know that little see that'll copyright symbol if you do that on your documents even though you don't have it copyrighted yet it shows your intent to copyright so it at least marks you back even if you got your copyright you know months later it'll protect you back or something like that so just just always put that thing on there you can copyright an idea you can copyright on a treatment you can copyright anything but you want to do it most strategically because you can update it but it charges you every time you update it like twenty-five thirty-five dollars so it can get actually it might be a hundred I forgot but it can get kind of expensive if you do it piece by piece now what I suggest if you're gonna bring another rider in to help you is I would copyright the idea and then develop the story and then you guys can share in the in the WGA submission but I would copyright the idea if you have the full script or you haven't a full outline or you can copyright pretty much anything you want but go ahead be sure that you want to update it and keep it in mind the costs self-publishing let's get into that don't wait like I said you're not gonna wait for anybody you go pitch your stuff try to get yourself yourself an agent again the English try to get yourself an agent and have them pitch you but at the same time look at your options for self-publishing it is a huge advantage nowadays that that we're able to do that too one thing I'm gonna warn you about self-publishing you get what you pay for okay the process in publishing a book is we take that we take the manuscript we send it to the editor the copy editor that make sure your flow is good that the story you know they might if they are gonna do substantive editing substantive whatever the you know substantial editing they might rework your whole thing to make it flow depends and then we take that to our typesetter which lays it out all pretty so it can be in a book format and then it's proof read and the covers design I mean there's a lot of steps self-publishing some of the companies will just take your word doc and run it right through I mean be very careful because and I know our eyes right oh you can miss a mistake ten times because you are so used to it so if you guys you know swap swap scripts to get a red pen go go lay out on the beach you know have a good day but start editing each other's scripts then you can go to the self you know self-publishing because all there do they're gonna do is take turn take a turn there's something called cooperative publishing by the way self-publishing usually does not give any type of distribution and that's what you want distribution cooperative publishing is the it's kind of like the merge of the two self-publishing and publishing by a book publisher you pay them to do it so you're paying for the book but you get the copy editing you get the typesetting you get the proofreading and get the cover design and then they stick you into their distribution system what that means is they see a new book is up and they I mean amazon barnes and noble ingram books-a-million all of the online stores that you want to put your book in they see it's there in our channels and they will order it and put it on for everybody to see it takes work to get on those places it takes work to get into Barnes and Noble online believe it or not not everybody's put on there so I would say just if you have the option do a Kickstarter raise some money get your script in a your manuscript in a good state and go for cooperative publishing and by the way my little 5 percent we do have a cooperative publishing Department in Denham books it's called five points publishing I'm still creating the website right now it should be up in two weeks I also create websites so you can check that out and all the information there but definitely do your research because there's some horror stories out there about self-publishing so don't fall into those

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  1. 0:50 Nowadays copyright protection is established automatically, no need to register. Registration is one way to establish that the registrant is the original creator, but there are other ways to do so as well. 1:11 No, ideas are not copyrightable. Human expression of ideas is. 4:05 Ever heard of distributors like Smashwords? They distribute everything to all places.

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