Prose for Performance : What is Prose for Performance?

Okay, when we talk about prose we’re talking
about literature and we’re talking about published literature where the content is about inspiring
thought. Basically, prose presents one meaning similar to telling a story. I’m telling you
one thing and the language should inspire you to think. This is the median where you’re
basically talking about communicating from one conscious mind to another. Almost like
I want to tell you a story. It is not ambiguous. It is not, there is not different meanings
like in poetry you interpret the meaning to what you want it, or however you perceive
it. Prose is different, in the material the meaning is obvious so it’s much more about
content and certainly the style of writing is a bit more like a story, not so much like
poetry which it has more of a rhyming scheme, or a poetry pattern. So this is going to be
simply like a story that you might find in a book. That’s what prose is. Now let’s talk
about where to find it.

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