Prose for Performance : Prose for Performance: Facial Expressions

Now, let’s talk about your face for a moment.
Face is the expressions that you give according to the content of the material based on the
characters. Now, obviously whatever material you’ve picked if it has more emotional content
you’re probably going to be doing more with your face. Or, if it’s funny you might be
making different choices with your face. But, you want to use your face. You want to be
very expressive, very animated. Because, it’s one of the only physical non-verbal tools
that you have to work with. The only other thing that you can use non-verbally to enhance
the content of the material and what the characters do, are small hand gestures. Now, you’ve got
this book that you’re working with and you’re holding this book. You don’t want to drop
the book. So, again primarily you’re using your face. But, occasionally if you feel the
need to do a hand gesture make it mean something. But, otherwise we’re just going to do the
expression through the face.

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