Prose for Performance : Overall Prose for Performance Presentation

Alright. What you’re going to be graded on
or judged on are all of the things that we’ve talked about before. But, something else that’s
very important is the overall presentation. And, when I’m talking about overall presentation
I’m talking about how well do you bring the piece to life. The total concept of what you
do with your face. What you do with your voice. What you do with any hand gestures. How you
present the material. Again, how connected are you to the material? What is your overall
presentation? If you are doing the presentation and your judge or your teacher is not even
writing anything, they are so intrigued with what you’re doing. Then, you have given us
a wonderful total overall presentation. If people are writing or looking around or they’re
not with you, that’s not what we’re going for here. So, you really want to get into
the material. Stay with the material and present the material to us. Bring it to life.

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