Prose for Performance : Limitations on Prose for Performance

Alright. Before I talk about the things that
you want to make sure you do, I’d like to briefly talk about the things that you cannot
do. Or, you do not do in prose interpretation. You cannot have props of any kind. You cannot
have any musical instruments or any kind of music at all. You cannot, do not memorize
this piece. Because you’re going to be holding it in a notebook in front of you. And, you
cannot walk around. You must stand stationary. So, the body movements you’re going to have
no lower body movements. We’re going to talk about upper body movements and facial expressions
in a moment. But, all you have to work with is your voice your face and your upper body.
And, the material itself. So, when you’re picking your material make sure you pick really
good material with good content. Because, the focus is much more on the material than
how you necessarily perform it. But, we’re going to talk about performing it in a minute.

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