Prose for Performance : Introduction to Prose for Performance

Hi there, I’m Tracy Goodwin and I’m the Red
Sweater Lady and today we’re going to be talking about prose interpretation: how to do a prose,
how to put it together, perform it, get your material. What is prose? You may have been
assigned an interpretation event in a college speech course, or maybe in a high school speech
course, or maybe you’re even thinking about entering UIL competition in prose reading
if you’re in high school and it’s a wonderful event, but there are some tips and strategies
that will really help you, not only do a great prose performance, but if you’re doing it
on a competition level it will definitely help you win that big trophy which is what
we’re looking for. Prose is a little bit different than poetry, so we’re going to be talking
specifically about prose reading or prose interpretation not of original material, not
something that you write, that is, presenting prose material that has been published by
another author. So let’s get started.

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