Prose for Performance : Eye Contact in Prose for Performance

Alright. Now, I want to talk about eye contact.
We just talked about the face and how we want to be real expressive. But, now I want to
talk about your eyes. And, this is really important. Remember, I talked about how you
have your material in a book. Two things that you should not do with your eyes. One, leave
your eyes down on the pages of the book throughout the whole reading. If we never see your eyes,
if we never make eye contact with you we can’t build a relationship with you. At the same
time, you don’t want to look at us the whole time and never look down at your book. Because,
if you never look down at your book that means the material is memorized. And, you can’t
memorize this material. So, you definitely want to be real familiar with the material.
Familiar enough, that you can make eye contact. But, find a balance. Looking at us, looking
at the audience, looking at the book. Us, the book, us, the book. Find that perfect
balance of eye contact.

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