Prose for Performance : Coloring Words in Prose for Performance

Alright. Now, I want to talk about coloring
of words. And, what I mean by coloring of words is saying “The fire was raging”. And,
I’m giving more emphasis to raging. I’m trying to express that word to you through my voice.
This is how you need to do this. Don’t go through your script and plan how you’re going
to vocally do it. The real art of prose interpretation, is visualizing that in your mind. If the line
is, “The fire was raging”. If you can see in your mind’s eye, “The fire was raging”
the color of the words will come out naturally. See it in your mind, “The fire was raging”.
And, that makes you more connected to the material. Then, if you just went through and
assigned I’m going to say like this. I’m going to put an emphasis here. I’m going to punch
that word. There’s no connection. So, try to visualize in your mind’s eye all the things
the characters are talking about. See them as you’re saying the words. And, then there
will be a natural coloring through your voice.

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