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this database of the month webinar will feature ProQuest learning literature this database includes full text works author biographies literary criticism study guides and multimedia with more than 150,000 searchable works of poetry prose and drama you can access ProQuest learning literature from the go wild net databases page alphabetically or under the literature category it can also be found linked from a library curriculum edition you can search by authors for literary criticism using their reference tools search multimedia and literary works there's also a quick search box that allows you to search the entire database by keyword or phrase so let's start there and search Kafka you'll see that I can scroll through all my results for Kafka under authors reference criticism or at the top I can use these content links to jump straight to that section notice that there are five hits under each one of these categories be sure and click on more to see the rest of your search results we can also do an author search notice that they have a link to search tutorials here in the middle of the page it opens in a separate window and also that you can browse alphabetically for an author but in honor of October let's search for Edgar Allan Poe under the author search you'll find 3,000 author pages next to the name of our author you'll see that there are icons these are telling me that there are literary works available for poe there is a biography available multimedia available and your definitions are here at the bottom so this is telling me what sort of information I'm going to find when I go to Edgar Allan Poe's page once on the author page you'll find a kind of home page for each other with all the resources gathered together there's author's biography information there's criticism which returns journal and newspaper articles about the author and their work it searches for all types of media images video audio as well as web links it searches through the reference which brings back information from literary dictionaries encyclopedias essays and glossary when available it also will link to study guides and we'll take a look at those and bibliographies as well as a link to works by the author which will include novels short stories place poems not every author is going to have an author page like I mentioned there are 3000 author pages you may not find popular contemporary authors that aren't typically studied in schools for example in that case if you don't find an author page searching the author's tab go back and try the name in the quick search box so let's take a look at Edgar Allen Poe's biography information you'll see that you can jump just particular sections within this biography you can also click on the link that says use this text so if you want to cut and paste sections and use this in a program use this in a paper also at the top you'll find a link to this page a button to print or save you can e-mail this article or you can create your own list here with in ProQuest learning literature a key component in literature research is literary criticism ProQuest learning literature contains a hundred and fourteen full-text literary journals and newspapers you'll see your search options here under criticism words in the text words in the article title article author and dates notice that its article author not the works author to look for works author you need to put it up here in the text or the title below that you'll see we're searching all these various resources to see a table of contents for each one of those there's a link at the top and asserts movable feast and I'm going to put it in quotes as mentioned here in their hints and since we were searching literary criticism that's our list here you'll see the words highlighted in a brief description under each one of the titles and notice that I have five pages of results if I had put in a search that got me too many or too few notice that i can click on the refine search right there at the top right the next one across the top for my searching I can search in the reference ProQuest learning literature contains twenty cover-to-cover full text reference sources so you're going to find dictionaries encyclopedias bibliographies the knowledge notes study guides and we'll look at those too so let's look at a couple of different types of searches i'm going to type a word frippery and below that you'll see again where it's searching and at the top i can again view a table of contents for those so I search the word frippery and I have it in the encyclopedia of the novel or I have it within a study guide so where it's being used I can also search a name and you'll see that it brings up items from a twentieth-century american short-story companion and encyclopedia of literature and selections for National Public Radio so let's just take a look at one of those notice that it gives highlighted where those terms appear in this document in this one it's the analysis the writing South Ernest Hemingway so if you want to find where your search term is at the top here above the title it says go to best hit and now it's got me down and highlighted the term that I searched for the next search we can do is multimedia this includes web links audio and video pictures as well as a link to poets on screen so in keeping with our theme let's search for po again notice here that I can search images video audio web links or all of them if you get into a search and you find that you have a lot of web links as identified by that little icon and you want to eliminate those go back up to the top right click on refine search will come back out and we can uncheck the web link box and go back in and do our search now in our multimedia search we can see that we have images here some audio and some video for example this audio clip from that chamber and from that mention i fled aghast the storm was still abroad in all his rough as I found myself in the old causeway some so you can add that to the research and what a great piece if you're working on PO this October the next search link over is literary works here you've got a hundred and eighty thousand searchable works from medieval times to the present and this time we can search words and text words in the title we can search the author and it's searching in novels and short stories plays and poems so you can again uncheck one of these boxes if you'd like to narrow it down I'm in a search October and we've got our links here we can jump straight to the novels and short stories down to the plays or down to the poems and I'm going to jump down to the pond and you'll see our variety here and if we link to one of those will find the full text of that work so now let's take a look at some other things that we concert in ProQuest learning literature and focus down the left-hand side now the first item here are called study pages here you can find information on genres different periods literary movements and Shakespeare pages under the genre pages here are various categories so let's look at one of those and you'll see you have a great amount of background information you'll find authors and author links if you keep scrolling it will link you to various haiku poets author pages about haiku with definitions and essays you'll find key works and poets and literary criticism and then at the bottom you'll find select study questions so if you're working with a class working with a student here's some great additional added content under those various genres coming back out to the study page index page let's take a look at the period pages and here again we can go into one of these periods in literature so for example the modernist period and again it brings up our study pages at the top again we can create a link to this page print or save e-mail this article or again add it to your list you can go back to the table of contents of each one of these study pages or all the way back to the beginning of the study pages to see the various contents the next one on the list of literary movement pages here we can get an idea about about that writing style about writers of that style so let's take a look at magical realism and again you've got the nice information background on this on the style and links to various writers in that style so we've got friends Kafka Jorge Amado Toni Morrison and if we keep scrolling it will link to the author pages some other resources new essays criticism more study guides and study questions the last one on that list are Shakespeare pages and there you can see Shakespeare's plays and again we can link to one of those and go into the study pages you under the study pages on the left hand saw and are called knowledge notes these are knowledge note study guides and these are created to cover some of the most frequently studied literary texts they include author information plot characters summaries style themes motifs we have an alphabetic list here at the top I'll scroll a little bit so you can see the variety Maya Angelou Jane Austen Lewis Carroll Willa Cather but let's keep stick with our theme and jump to PO under PO you'll see that we have study guides for these particular writings and let's select the Raven students and adults will find this site helpful if they're struggling with a work that they're reading both in a reading group or in school here they're going to find out information about the author we can jump down to the characters the plot style themes of the work and then highlights I can scroll down or use the table of contents here the next one on the left are see you p new essays these are cambridge university press new essays on the american novel you'll see there's some essays on Catcher in the Rye under pose major tales let's go look at this particular essay so here's a huge essay written on pose major tales what a great addition to studying a particular style a particular author and adding to the literary criticism there's also a link at the top of each one of these that says use this text and again how to copy and paste along with that there is also a citation guide here on the left hand side this next one poets on screen is a very cool addition to this database you'll find more than 800 filmed readings by poets of their own works or works of other authors so it's a great chance to see and hear a poet's interpretation you can access them alphabetically by the author or there's a link to arrange this list alphabetically by the poem tile so you can see where you've got a poet reading their own works and a poet reading other poets works so I've already opened one up just to save us a little time today and I am going to let it play through there's this one is called drive into town late to mail a letter and sometimes you know when you're young port all you do is send off your poems and have them rejected and you pick them up and you bring more and bring up to the mailbox it's just a few an agent of the most office department so I was feeling that I was either down late to mail and later with some poems in it somewhere but I need to tell late to mail a letter it's a cold and snowy night the main street is deserted the only things moving are swell to snow as I lift the mailbox door I feel as cold iron there's a privacy I love in the snowy night driving around I will waste more time well if you're you know if you're writing poetry in a small farm town you're the only one who isn't working so so therefore even when you're driving around they probably think you're going somewhere but no no no no it is wasting more time so a great thing to add again if someone is working on poetry trying to understand poetry wants to get a better feel for a poet and their work to hear it being read to hear the story behind something on the left hand side as well there's a dictionary thesaurus and again there's that link to the citation guide it does open in a separate window so you can look at the information and just close that and not leave your document they've also provided a link to educator resources here you'll find general information links so what it is what's new overview information center and library support materials there's also some content information as well as a link to curriculum support and what's great since we chose a PO for October there is a standard bass lesson plan on PO that opens up in a PDF so right away there's an example lesson plan using PO and ProQuest learning literature here at the State Library we've created a flyer for you to use for this database this time of year if you go to Wyoming libraries org and the promotional handouts you'll see that we've put up promotional handouts for you to use on various databases and we'll be adding to this and here's our flyer for this database this month for PO please feel free to take a link to that and print those out and use the information to work with ProQuest learning literature finding those study guides for the PO books this webinar will be archived and available as a YouTube video it will be posted at the Wyoming State Library homepage on the webinar archive will also add the link to the flyer here with the information about the database and it's webinar so that's the resource ProQuest learning literature I will stay on a minute if anybody's got any questions otherwise thanks for joining us today

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