Product Photography: Planning, Setup, Shoot, Post Processing, to Publishing

44 thoughts on “Product Photography: Planning, Setup, Shoot, Post Processing, to Publishing

  1. This is really great video a lot of tips, very professional much practice and a lot of knowledge.
    i usually find some tutorials with lot of talks about nothing. but this video man!
    is easy and practical we need more videos.
    thank you

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  3. Great tutorial of the process from beginning to end. The only thing I would have done differently would be to use a thin strip of duct tape on the back of the pen to suspend with the line. That would eliminate some of the more tedious editing

  4. How do you know what work to do in LightRoom and what to do in PhotoShop? It seems to me that those programs have many of the same functions. Just curious.

  5. Simple photography group 👉

  6. Great Great Tutorial, Very informative and straight forward. I like how you talk through the entire process. It would be valuable if you can insert (text) captions to parts where you click different key's which access options on Photoshop etc.

  7. Great tutorial, thank you ! I'm trying to photograph a bangle bracelet and having trouble. What lense, and set up would you recommend?

  8. Great tutorial… Just one opinion: Using clone tool is much accurate than Filling Content Aware.. At least I find it more accurate and easy to do the job… Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  9. What editing software do you use ? Isn't it time consuming???
    Ever tried ZenFotomatic ( for editing product photos??? For me it was pretty fast and accurate…would like your views on that!!

  10. Thanks for the great video. As an alternative, you could check out Thrive Product Studio – they'll take care of all the product photography you need – quick & affordable!

  11. I watched this because I had an idea to photograph a Cross pen, which are quite rare in England. I also have almost exactly the same set up except I’ll use a 5DIII. Great video.

  12. I cringed so hard with this video. The shot idea was good, but that editing is awful, terrible! Totally destructive. The best way to make product photography is making multiple shots with different exposures and focus points.

  13. Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial and your patience to show us every single detail in your work: planing, equipment setup and processing image. You expand my poor knowledge in product photography, so from now on I would not be afraid to try it.

  14. Awesome tutorial!!!! Hey Forrest do you mind sharing which Ipad App do you use to sketch your ideas?

  15. Thanks so much for this! I've been thinking of learning product photography, this is really helpful and inspiring 😀

  16. what the hack.. Doing just so tedious stuff.. Removing the little dust just to export it in a resolution lower than full HD.. Lol… Otherwise a great tutorial!

  17. Your videos are great.
    I subscribed to your channel years ago whenIwatched your moon photography tutorial.
    I even searched the tune you used which was Quasars

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