Problems Of Orb Composer

so hold composure is a really great program for composing music I'm not trying to bash the producers of work composer I'm not trying to downplay the program it has its obvious advantages but the problem is the sound aspects of the program if I play this back to you all you will hear is the following so that's not very good for a sound the next thing which I find is in fact even more of a problem is watch this I have a MIDI sound card attached it should say he owned a MIDI output it should provide my cell phone that says none there's none I cannot use my MIDI sound card I cannot use external hardware I remember seeing the video showing the hexapods team showing you how to use external hardware they made a techno beat with external hardware but users so I seriously hope they make a paid upgrade where they've incorporated some parts of the interfaces so I can do now no way I can export MIDI just to show you I'm not gonna do this now but just to show you get something and then I'll go to my folder here and I'll put it inside and keep safe I'm not gonna do this for now it's gonna take too long I just wanna show you how and the upside of thing is how sound with sound if you use logic magic that's the very same composition that exit words or composer just composed after a long and tedious battle allowing the midis to the right instruments here at magic and here's what it sounds like so tell me what you think this is just my imagination or could they really have done something with the synthesizer with the MIDI interface please tell me what you think in the comments thank you

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