Probably Impeccable Picks 2019, Week 7: Insane ramblings vs. writer’s block

I’ve got to be honest with you guys,
these videos are starting to stress me out a little, man. The idea that I need to
come up with a new concept each week is really pulling the threads of my
creativity thin. Some people might refer to it as writer’s block,
others might call it a natural lack of talent. Either way, it has me harkening
back to and missing the good old days of these videos. I remember them. In our last
pick of the week Saquon Barkley leads the Zephyrs to a
victory against Parkland. Now, that’s a pick that I call impeccable. Ah, I’m gonna
have to edit that. Oh, I I guess those sucked too. Anyway, I’ve got a new idea:
we’re going to take a live user poll where you guys tell me what you want
while the video is happening and then I act based upon those results. So, let’s
see what we’ve got here. OK, and the winner is the milk challenge. OK, I I guess I’ll give it a shot. What is wrong with you people? I’d didn’t even
have a full gallon of milk. It didn’t work out. Anyway this video is doomed.
“Just pick the games.” Who’s that? “It’s your better judgment.” My better
judgment? I haven’t seen you since like 2008. “Yes at that house party in
Pittsburgh.” Hey, hey, hey, they don’t need to hear about that.
“Well, just pick the games already. You’re supposed to be at Cottingham
Stadium in eight hours. OK, you’re right. Here we go. Let’s do a few games in the
Colonial League: Saucon Valley at Wilson first. You know, a lot of people counted
out Saucon Valley after their first week lost and you shouldn’t and I won’t. Next
we’ll look at Pen Argyl at Notre Dame. Now, these are two teams that run
slightly different offenses — just a bit. The Crusaders’ is more effective on
Friday night. Let’s go to the premier matchup in the Colonial League now:
Southern Lehigh and Northwestern Lehigh and I’m going with an upset pick here. Do
we have a upset pick graphic? That’s right, I’m the I’m the only one in here.
Regardless, the Tigers pull off a victory against the Spartans and send the league
title race on its head. We’ll go into the EPC now, specifically the North, where
Northampton takes on Stroudsburg and if last week was any indication, the
Konkrete Kids are the class of this division and they’ll prove it again here.
Last, but obviously not least, the big one in the EPC South: Freedom travels to
Easton. Now, I’ve had Easton No. 1 in the rankings for weeks. Commenters have
not been happy about it. So, why would I change course now and pick against the
Red Rovers? Maybe because I make self destructive decisions. I think I’m going to
start filming next week’s episode now. I got an idea.

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