Princess Nokia “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

One time I was riding the train and I was
minding my business, and I saw a white male harassing a group of young black men. The protective matriarchal woman that I am
almost immediately saw that he was being racist to these young boys. They mother wasn’t on the train, so I jumped
up and I acted the way any protective woman would do. I let that man have it and let him know that
those choice words and that behavior was not going to be tolerated in that very moment. I’ve used the word, and the phrase, “Sugar
honey iced tea” my whole life. It’s an anagram for shit. And then sometimes when I’m amused, or bewildered
I go “Ooh sugar honey iced tea.” You know, that kind of thing. I wrote this song in Puerto Rico about a year
ago. I sat on it for like, nine months. And out of nowhere I said, “This needs some
big band on it.” So I tell my management, “Look, we need trumpet,
we need gospel, and it needs to feel like church. It needs to feel like it’s coming alive, like
it has a soul inside of it.” I never look for anything, I don’t ever search
my name, I haven’t searched my name in two years, and I don’t engage in online drama. It’s not something that entertains me, or
makes me feel comfortable in the slightest bit. So I don’t look for nothing, but every once
in a while, some bullshit just gets swept onto my doorstep. I’ve seen some really choice words and feelings
about me, some from absolute strangers with absolute mad things to say, and some from
people that actually used to really love me, and used to love my music and think I was
the greatest, coolest person in the world, and now that have amounted with accolade or
accomplishment it makes them uncomfortable and they project their insecurities or their
anger onto me, and it creates this tension or this hatefulness toward me. What is your idea of what I do? What is your idea of what it took me to get
there? Do you understand how hard, and how much I’ve
committed to hard work and making this work for myself? I’ve been doing this before ’92, and I loved
it, just the same, and I would love it even if 1992 wasn’t successful, why? Because I’m a poet and I’m a musician. It’s hustling, no matter what you do, art
game, drug game, corporate game, you have to hustle and you have to really know the
schematics and the dynamics of it. I got some juice. I got the Hi-C, I got the Sunny Delight, I
got the Tang, I got the Capri Sun. I got it all. I’ve got the Kool-Aid Jammer. We got the pouch, we put the straw in, juice
is coming out. Look at me, I’m all juicy. Don’t be upset with your choices and your
decisions in life and project that on to me, because I ain’t got nothing to do with that. You could have lived for yourself, you could
have created something for yourself, but people, their minds run in a loop of insanity. They get upset and they get into these ruts
and these cycles for years and years and their psychologies never get better. And they never get to do the things they want
to do because of fear, because of anger, because of the projection of the wrong energy. When I was 15 I worked at a corporate work
study high school, where they were preparing us to work at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan
and a whole bunch of corporate companies. And I already knew that it was not going to
be my life, that my life was supposed to be colorful and alternative. This is the exact day job I’ve wanted since
I was 15 years old. What do I love about it? I love hanging out with a whole bunch of nerdy
boys and smoking weed all day in the studio, fun. Play my Nintendo Switch, love that. I just love it. I just love being in it. What comes out of this is a big reflection
of your heart. My heart has to be pure. Toxic energy, anger and fear? Honey it will kill you faster than cancer. And I’ve seen it in people. I’ve seen people look unwell. Their skin looks sullen. Their hair turned gray. They omit a kind of brown-yellow aura and
energy. It’s like a mood ring. You’re looking like a doodoo brown. It’s not glowing honey, and it’s showing. Self-realization and Christ consciousness,
the love and the humility of everyone, the acceptance and compassion of others, the true
genuine humility and kindness and love for your brother and sister, I take that really
seriously. There’s a very powerful skit in the Fugees’
Score album that changed my life forever. It says, “It’s so easy to shoot a motherfucker
that look like you. You want to impress me, shoot the motherfucker
that cut off my rent.” That was very impressionable on me and it
made a lot of sense. It’s so easy for us to be angry and to fight
one of our own, but is it so easy to fight our oppressor? Baaaaa. I got that man in his face. Yeah, that really happened. I had a homegirl. She had a man that was very abusive and he
poured wine on her. We were both shocked, and she was shocked
because she didn’t know what to do. And instinctively I follow him and I punched
him square in his face. Unacceptable. The mistreatment of women? Unacceptable. Violence towards women? Unacceptable. Sexism or misogyny towards women? Unacceptable. You play with one of my homegirls, you’re
going to get touched. That is on that. That is on period. That is on my life, that is on my mother. That is one of the gifts that God has given
me, to be a sister to women in need. That’s a spiritual calling in my life. So sometimes I can speak with my words and
diffuse situations. Sometimes, I’m going to have to teach somebody
a lesson. He got taught a lesson that day and then I
kicked him out Martin style. You got to go. I am not in any way trying to compare myself
to the great Colin Kaepernick. I use the metaphor for how much we take our
principles seriously. He’s made a commitment to his stances on black
power. He really means it. And he sat out and has removed himself because
he believes in something so deeply. And I’ve put myself in danger a lot because
I believe in something very deeply. But I don’t care because I got honor and that’s
all that matters. I’m a peaceful woman with a peaceful soul
and I never was involved in street violence. I think it’s funny I rap. I’m a fucking psychic and a witch. I became a rapper. Ooooooo My aggression and my anger, you going to catch
me on some side like that, it’s going to be for defending my community.

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  1. She sounds like she's in a cult or like she's brainwashed 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ when she talks it's sounds manipulative….. anger isn't always bad or fear…. we need to fear god without mistakes we wouldn't learn you narcissist 🤮🤮🤮

  2. Sounds like she's trying too hard to be soft spoken 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ and then shouts it don't make no sense ….

  3. "you play with one of my homegirls, you're gonna get touched"… well if this ain't me… I end up shutting situations DOWN and bringing equilibrium.

  4. "You can't sit with me unless your p.o.p and thats pretty on purpose how you doing Lets get into this SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA"

  5. She gives me that same deep spiritual feeling that I get from Erykah Badu. I feel like I can smell rose water and patchouli through my screen 🌹

  6. She must be a very unbreakable and durable woman because Nokia cellphones were hard as fuck to break ✊📱✊

  7. There's a certain kind of crazy where… the person KNOWS they're wild, but they have it under control.

    This, my friends, is the scariest kind of crazy, and I think Princess Nokia has it…

  8. hey @everyone, celebritys are allowed to change, they're not cartoon characters, they got different outfits and a life

  9. Destiny(Princess Nokia) has a Chamaeleon soul. She has so many interests and hobbies. She can see beauty in every culture and group. Nokia grew up in New York where so many different subcultures were introduced with all walks of life. I think it’s absolutely astounding how she can switch up and have such a diverse and eclectic taste. She is a strong woman who’s seen a lot and learned from it. True beauty is being confident in who you are no matter what circumstances.

  10. But how can I get a Nokia feature? Cause it’s been years and I’ve never got a reply mail. So is there a wizard I can talk to or something

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  12. I’m princess Nokia please bow down to me I punch people and protect everyone blah blah blah get over yourself

  13. Don’t be upset, with your choices and decisions in life, and project it on to me caus, I ain’t got nothing to do with that. 🍃

    I felt that.

  14. She so different when she talks and when she raps, I don’t even know if I’m switching between 2 videos or not.

  15. when self awareness and confidence is expressed by a woman, it is always seen by others, mostly men, as threatening and then she is labelled as being narcissistic. i see a lot of that trash in the comment section and it is so dumb.

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