Pressure Room and Freestyle with Babatunde on Lyricist Lounge w/ Modenine | 24|03|2014

it's time for me to prove me stuff about to be under pressure and imma keep you guessing for a new meaning but now welcome do right now wanna play something for me maybe might be back and they might be from a few weeks ago might be from last year I don't know and then I'm gonna ask you a couple of questions so do this okay you know okay formerly known as common sense now called common wasn't moving I heard some chick on radio and she actually said his name was personality guys in the music industry she's got a crush on him if you're watching I heard you I care about your name yeah forget about what has really normal sounding name like I don't know something with me the surname is Li forget about that Roger freaking Robert Rodriguez rootsy be playful Dixon somebody fails communism Mackey's all the common featured a Nigerian artists I mean you know what it can only be one guy if he's gonna feature Nigerian well it could have been a female but I think I know who discussed I build a okay I perform I fill a bridge over the last three years in a row and I see these pictures all over the common has had with another Ice Cube his beef with Drake you know come on I'm supposed to be under pressure man okay but under pressure on key they make a change Allah reduce okay let me let them just be easy you name an album that J Dilla produced a track or to go to just the track just name an album I guess you could guess you say any one of Commons out one yeah just me haha you know what alternative so yeah yeah you know the pressure yeah oh yeah oh yeah I thought I was looking in the mirror yeah I mean I think I'm a bit more handsome than come on let's go review cheek of Alaska why should know quietly he did know each other very much so people do pressure was never spit my still sixteen by the model 60 private joke boxes on the fresh up about to date put him on the pressure I'm there you did pretty well you already know right now we're putting on some new pressure he's gonna drop a 16-bar I'm any better stop it well I say you think same out these two bus 16 so right now but watching this gonna jump up its gonna drop a hot 16 I got my mind yet ah yeah it's that boy cue of the beat what and we do this for the street what yeah I lost too many years while intently buck getting high I can't drop that really giving a fuck I lost too many homeys caught up in the streets huh to my niggas when you rest in peace I've seen too many kids walking around without hope popping pills doing dope cause they trying to cope too many chicks turning tricks for cash slow it down baby girl you're moving too fast too many politicians with the lack of vision Newton dollars in the hundreds of billions total disregard for the voters and the taxpayers blood fucking monsters allowed don't blow everybody just a one-shot mascota everybody just big paragraph wahala alarm don't blow a loud thunk blue I say I laugh don't blow go bombs blowing up bullets flying everywhere bombs blowing up bodies lying everywhere bombs blowing up smell it deathless in the arity the sort of place you wanna be for the love of clothes hoes drugs guns and funds and when boys they hustle them for crumbs of the slums the life that we live Street Kings many stuck in the hood going for days rolling on blaze dreaming up a plenty boys waited to day got some papers or some cases on him from by sakhu Chicago many Boise struck with a move many Mordecai low switching mind go do can't cope with no hope and no plan for the youth ah hungry for the next meal looking for the next deal many our boys lost all hopes or some resort to Robert still sinning at will dreaming of Mills life on the line to get the soldier for reality Nyko everyday LEGO City the town Cowboys on ground oh and I'm posted up with mode night on their assist longe yo yes yeah yeah yeah yo yo yo yo what do you do that's alright I got spunk you for this nebulous yo that beats that beat bubbleman collect gonna be shit like that man this only happens there is his lounge the place where the lyricist lounge now you understand and we've got about Sunday do not forget to name my bud Cindy he's using his real name my real name no gimmicks sadly he went hard but we gotta go home so lovely it's been nice it's been all good or bless everything Chris mode nice signing out one love the polymath lyricist lounge we'll be back you want to follow me on Facebook send a friend request to Babatunde lie on day that's Babatunde lie on day delay or did I lie all day so man we are picking speak

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