Pressure Room and Freestyle w/ Erigga on Lyricist Lounge with Mode9 – Part 2

that just reminds me of this Billy Joel song this also is cold doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo t son he's on the pressure right now Nami what I did was that I tricked this guy we played the game he won me I'm rusty I haven't played in years yeah you know what I still let him I let him win we we fix like matches ha ha ha we do the fixing he just you know he just plays PS whatever so the reason real reason why I brought him here to put him on the pressure ok what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna play a video and you're gonna tell me who the artist is ok I'm probably if you know the song cool but I just want to know whether you know who these guys are if you can mention the song I'm cool and then after that I'm gonna show you a picture of a hip-hop artist and you're gonna tell me oh well that's easy like but then you're gonna tell me something about the idea I might think I don't want to mess you up a little yeah no I did have any result don't worry I will make it that difficult game yes something in the nineties probably not 1890s yeah yeah what are you gonna be wear glasses now everybody know this dude is now okay you know I'm not the guy you know them right I know they're like very well all right what's the name of the song never saw what no the name of the artist and they were bizarre shall we well under pressure one one one one was named of the group that cast out the boy hundred three thousand eighty aliens yeah ATLiens yeah it's alright right now we're gonna put them to show you a picture let's go with pictures be you're gonna get it I'm gonna ask you some messed up thing about the trust the boss okay who's this okay I will from what crew is actually is I know but it's actually huge eggplant when did he drop his first album do you're not you miss you over here actually yeah I'll give you a pass no any fine can you remember what the outcome is code okay want me you want me to give you a clue right okay the first word is only you are never to come what it is nobody gave money head okay you know what the last the last let the last word is the name of a Niger and Isis to do the song oh please ikechukwu you know only enjoy that you know what that one I give you 5 over 10 because it's only beauty you got it you got it the first time but since I gave you two clues 6 over 10 okay well you try you try at least you know these duties even though you say so thank your reason for calling him member of the wu-tang gang is because this may be okay yeah hip-hop 101 this is the real reason why we bring these guys here but they think they're playing games that's why I let them win me and they were just feeling like the old open up their chests and I know that I kind of messed them up with him with some hip-hop trivial so it's all good pressure room he did okay see you guys let's see how will he go freestyle right back yes yes yo you already know you back Auriga under pressure and the handle it well you know how it is now we feel under pressure you know you know B I'm not really good because I don't play games I fix live games that's why I let him beat me I let it have that you can have that but it's all good so right now here's the second test go hard or go home and don't ever come back don't ever say this is where we put Erica under the real pressure this is the freestyle segment session of the show I got rigged already waited to anything about to do is then go you know so let's see what you got man Oh already let's take it back again I won't take you from top DJ track 1 ok don't stop don't stop that's what his treats gonna talk cuz I'm going bonkers ok let me go and rap hard to say on that pressure on me send me on that bridge of a puzzle this ever ask a mano it's the kind of flow that make you color but I'm glad like going to me I don't want you with me yeah Kelly no this rapper yeah they don't even want it with me to come under disappear cuz I'm gonna be at you today you don't want me no more here we go game played by like Robbie Emma okay I even got to say what I'm pawn but I wonder rest no no no no I'm doing that saying no I'm just doing what I'm doing cuz I'm a phenomenal high in talking faint on 9th house butters gonna put me on my slight ass on this I'm a bad mom I ain't gotta say that I just do what I do and maybe I don't play that I won't even play catch I don't even play shed I just do what I do it if you're like me and Sade I just say go back to pigeon when I didn't even listen we need to go in the talk waiting this guy to form okay here we got on by a candy boy don't pick from ain't talking now saying I'm talking Rancher song hi my first wanna chase him leave him on the verge of it these rappers can't even come and lecture me I guess spits water speeds on my father's good eats out every got his feet die every guy to speed die and nobody hit us gonna sing every got a chick die man you don't see cheek guy badass robbery if you saw your feet shy but then you feel try honey talking singlet when I said your feet try you're gonna blow me Britain Italy your feet dive I fix my man I feel like a pastor dead body I love man every guy you know me man officer from Western and you know the big holiday yonder cuffed on Hoku book Boko Haram stuff run upon your rappers I know wanna have stuff when you get a beat stop here we go get your money get a money because and rappers will stop nominated the discourse and when I listen to them I belong does this constant you don't know why I hardly disgust me they said it by Navi speedvision darling hiya you

19 thoughts on “Pressure Room and Freestyle w/ Erigga on Lyricist Lounge with Mode9 – Part 2

  1. Erriga was bustin wt he didnt write down,many ppl cant do freestyle.still some ppl r scared if they should support Erigga,he would blow so they withdraw.dats wts up

  2. Erigga is good, do you guys think it's easy to rap? What he just did is called freestyle, he didn't write it. He tried by the way. I don't know why some of you, are saying he is wack.

  3. Everyone here keep saying Erigga is wack here but if u listen really well u'll see that the homie didn't actually write everything he was saying. i.e he was actually freestyling and most rappers don't do that. They just rap about what they've written b4 and call it a freestyle. So, as far as am concerned this ain't wack

  4. i think u see say na studio dey help ur rap na wey mixer not dey to mix and edit your words see as u com dey talk trash,oh boi u fall warri hand for dis freestyle wey u just do even see as mode 9 dey halla u say e don do

  5. Broda tell them say you nor need pressure na support you, if them doubt am make them promote your Death bed…….Bcos I do without it daily

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