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  1. Tried it two years ago. Got burned out really hard XD Went in without planning. Went in with a VERY vague idea. The whole book went in a horrible direction.

  2. I’m getting ready to write my first draft of my first novel for camp nano this April. Great vid full of great advice! Thanks!

  3. I definitely wanna be more prepared for this year's NaNoWriMo, I spoke about most of my pitfalls in my own video, but I think the fact that I never sat down to really plan things kicked me in the but as the month went on. It just felt too overwhelming for me to personally 'wing it.'

  4. Today is 11th November. This was going to be my first NaNo. I was really pumped. Started well, got thousands of words down. Felt really clear in my head what I needed to do. But on the 5th November my father was taken by ambulance to ICU. He's still in there. I feel totally crushed. I cant write, I cant function, I am in pieces. My father is my world, the most important person in my life. I was writing for him. I wanted to publish a successful novel to make him proud of his daughter, for him to know all those years of hard work raising his kids was worth it, that he is a great and inspirational father. But now he is the only thing on my mind. I've been planning this novel for over a decade, trying to push away the excuses and pluck up the courage to just get stuck in. But now I dont know how to pick myself up again. The words just swim in front of my eyes and I cant find the storyteller inside me.

  5. Doing NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. Been using the last few weeks of Preptober of the fullest. Excited with all the other writer channels I've found!

  6. Kristen! Great video! Your topics to prep for NaNoWriMo are spot on! I look forward to see other videos and getting started in November. PS. I've done NaNoWriMo 5 times! I think this may be the best year yet! Thanks! Regards, Rick

  7. For writing notebooks, I like to walk into the store and find the cheapest book there. That way, I don't feel bad about scribbling in it or messing up.

  8. I'm a bit late to the party. Only by… ehhhh… 3 weeks. LOL So is Rachael doing a Preptober this year? I only see 2016. I have never participated, but I really need MOTIVATION! You're my second biggest motivator, right behind my Mom. 🙂 I swear you have a time-turner.

  9. I've just found your VLOG and I am ga-ga over it.  You have rekindled my passion to write and to GET IT DONE!  Thanks for being there.

  10. I've got a problem; I can't decide which language to write in, my first language or english?

  11. I'm 14 years old and I'm the author of a fantasy-realisme novel, Half Wing. I want to take part in NaNo this year, should I join the normal NaNo or the Young Writers Program?

  12. The link for the video about your bullet journal is wrong and I can't find it in a search. I'd love to watch it. Can you please update the link?

  13. This video is so helpful! You just gained a new subscriber 😉 this will be my first nanowrimo so I am inhaling videos like that right now ^^

  14. What if you're planning for your manuscript to be more than 50,000 words, do you keep on writing when nanowrimo is done?

  15. This will be my first NaNoWriMo so I'm doing everything I can to get prepared. I want to give myself the best chance of being able to get through it while also working full time and being a mum. I'm scared haha!

  16. Hello,
    I love your videos!! I'm finally deciding to do NaNo this year. I've never done it. I was wondering at the end of the month do you share your full story or is it set up to just update word count? I'd really like to use that month in order to write my first novel (First draft of it) that I would eventually like to keep working on to soon publish but was wondering how would that work with sharing it on NaNo?
    Love your videos!!!
    -Andrea Othela

  17. In re: Noting your story ideas. In his excellent biography of his dad, Brian Herbert recounts an anecdote wherein his dad, who was in the habit of keeping a pencil and notepad by his bed, awoke one morning to find that in the early morning he had written to himself, "I just had the Most Awesome story idea!"
    End. 😀
    But I'm bummed about it 'cause hey, it could've been totes awesome like another series as awesome as Dune!

  18. I never heard NanoWriMo said outloud…your way makes more logical sense but I've always pronounced it "Nano-ree-mo" in my head ><

  19. Gaahhhh!!! The time is nigh!! Thank you for the fab ideas to get ready. I discovered NaNo last year about 2 weeks before Nov 1st. As a total newbie writer, it was an amazing month and I discovered that my entire story: tense, subplots, POV and well as my MC were all in the wrong places. So I will be working on my same story as last year, only this time I have learned all that goes into the writing process and how to best tell my story… As well what that terrible realization that I had to scrap/re-write 25,000 words feels like. I am still in that re-writing process. But I love my story and my characters so I am not downtrodden but excited to approach my story with more clarity. I will definitely be hooking up with you as a writing buddy and for any one else here lets connect! My handle on the NaNo site is Violet Roslyn. 🎃🍂🍃🍁📚☕📑

  20. I am considering doing Nano for the very first time this year! I'm definitely overwhelmed by the idea because I haven't written anything before other than school essays. I mostly read fantasy and sci fi, but the idea of building a fantasy world is too overwhelming with also trying to do nano for the first time. I think I might try contemporary or maybe sci fi – like post apocalyptic or something. That way I won't have to worry too too much about world building. Also considering maybe a retelling so that I have a basic plot idea… just trying to think of ways to make my very first nano as easy as possible because for me it's all about getting my feet wet and practicing with writing a novel.

  21. Hi Kristin, thanks for the video. I think this is a great way to help others get ready for Nanowrimo. I just added you as a buddy! Fun times ahead! November is going to be a massive month with finishing my book, working full time, my wedding, and simply just life. But it makes this challenge all that bit more exciting. Best of luck! x

  22. Thanks for this vlog. This will be my first time participating in nanowrimo and my sister will be tackling a manuscript too! I'm excited to try it out.

  23. Yes, love this video! Kristen, I'm working on my thesis atm but still want to join NaNoWriMo. Do you have any tips on how to separate work writing & creative writing? How still keep your creativity when have deadlines? I hope that makes sense. Oh, and out of curiosity, would you do a desk/writing space tour? Maybe even add in tips on how to create an inspiring environment? Much love, C

  24. Hi Kristen. I signed up for the 5 Action Steps but when I clicked on the link I received the "This site can't be reached" message. Is it still available?

  25. Hey Kristen, I'm in 8th grade and I just got my copy of The Alpha Drive, I'm loving it so far. I'm also using your book in my school book report. I love your videos

  26. You have such exciting times ahead – really well done for all of your success!
    Ahh I am so excited for NaNoWriMo! You guys are so lucky you are in Fall for it as well – it's my favorite time to write. In South Africa we head into Summer then!

  27. Wow…you are seriously organized. I love it! I really need to be this organized. I will attempt nanowrimo one day. 😊💜

  28. You're such an inspiration. Congrats on all you're hard earned success. Thanks for all the wonderful advice.

  29. Great tips, Kristen! I'm planning on doing NANO this year, so I'll be re-watching this a few times and taking your advice.

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