Preparing and Uploading a Word Document for Publishing on Kindle

21 thoughts on “Preparing and Uploading a Word Document for Publishing on Kindle

  1. This was so helpful. A couple more questions…I've just finished my first novel. It has some pictures…jpegs…can I include these in this process. Also, I don't want to charge anything for the book…is it possible to upload to Kindle/Amazon and not charge anything? Again, this tutorial was really helpful…straightforward and simple. Thanks!

    Mike Meyer
    Columbus, Ohio
    (football capital of the world)

  2. Hi friend, Very nice video. I have written a book in ms word. Please inform me what size of paper and margin to be selected for publishing in KDP. What format should be the images? Can I use a video related to the matter? Thanks in advance.

  3. Praying Medic this tutorial video is the best i have seen .Amen. I am writing a series of books. At the present i have 5 of them uploaded to Kindle. But i am having difficulty continuing the set up for Paper Back. You are brilliant my brother. Oh by the way I live in Belfast.

  4. I am a pastor here in Belfast Have written a few booklets around 30 Pages each. Was thinking of trying to put them on Kindle to try and Generate some income for our work My word is 2016. Would love more advice from you. Bless you Pastor Laurence. [email protected]

  5. this is the most precise and helpful guide I have seen on the net. most vids just want to talk about themselves, giving you endless blab about nothing. yours was concise and so helpful that within minutes, I had formatted my book. thank you. more help guides need to follow your example.

  6. In formatting the word doc, Should I take out the indent made with the tab key? I did remove the line breaks so now all I see are the little paragraph icons. Does converting file to RTF remove any other unnecessary formats in order to get it into Kindle?

  7. I followed your video and still Kindle "cuts" the pages totally illogically, right in the middle of the paragraph, what more words are cut as well. What I am doing wrong? Thanks

  8. this e-book you just published, how many words was your book or as a rule how many words
    would be a good number.

  9. hey – too weird – I subscribe to your political page — no idea you taught this – cuz I need this too -thanks

  10. I have a novel about 1st century Christian persecution in the Roman empire. I went to Italy and took hundreds of photos of the catacacombs, coloseum, Christian symbols etc. My idea was to have a illustration in each chapter. I would convert the photo to a drawing. Do you think this would work in an ebook format? Ive never seen illustrations on ebooks before. Excellent video

    thanks for your advise.

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