hey guys before we get into our video today just wanted to mention this thing sponsored by Zenvo watches if you're a fan of watches stick around at the end to see my watch pick the Xinbo blade fusion where you can get a 20% off promo code for your order hope you enjoy not bad I would yeah I got a ticket there too before when you pick someone up ya assholes they're sticklers I get it I mean it kind of pisses me off when uber drivers just stop fuck everybody who's not me you're not helping me out and fuck you I suppose it was okay you got ice cream back there something was it's an angle it's a nice boobies pop yeah how is that thing I'll say heat man goes one away I got bad yeah you just like challenge yourself he felt like you know it maybe I'll like mango this time I decided why Jonathan what's your favorite flavor inches at Vanguard give it to me yes I wonder if I've ever like saved in your lives where are you going with this JC gun one of the document definitely for sure like save the life at some point just with your like intelligence my driving he's changed for sure maybe it's just your your problem skills you know you guys probably have two or maybe you've murdered I want anymore I know you probably cause why did he have to turn down the side streets think we're all assholes early is what this comes down to borderline you drive a Honda here and turn off your uber a drink with how do you think I am based on like this percentage of my face right on the money we're 25 not me I'm 24 days only liquid it's the real party bus so not just I like how authentic y'all are really bendy that's a nice X where your foolish think is like a good way like you guys have no filter and I hate you you're wise beyond your years guess you guess his occupation and name I can guess your birthday what's over there you were born in he's definitely a 90's kid you're born in the later months of the year heard in the 90s come on I'm in practice obvi I meant to list the later months sure in the in the winter August 21st oh man August 12 yeah it's gotta be I better go I better go Tommy had a gun pulled already happen you had a car pull money yeah let's hear a plug in here gotta make that 10 bucks an hour guys batshit crazy hey what's up keep pushing yelling up the cobblestone road this is a Charleston experience right here no it does you're Ryan he's diving subscribe but you have permission to have a great now you appreciate take care rather client our German plans [Laughter] play music like I am in the entertainment business oh oh that's very vague so I do you do hardcore porn yeah no you don't and this is so this is how I get I fuck you believe you I don't know you know what I totally believe but I do make videos and I put them on YouTube so my whole thing is so we can be honest you tell me oh so one way bro laughs we kind of should be like rolling that shit out this is the whole point of the thing is I get like real genuine you know wants to know that we're gonna be on fucking YouTube I don't want you to know until the end until you're with it then I ask you I will sign my rights away are we saying fucking Rick Ashley do you remember how it starts I can do that yeah what do you do to make videos for a living just kidding oh my god I'm in YouTube I mean it's like I was Ryan we have your number from sting it outfit just lost our brother understand destination we got a ride home you gotta it doesn't give it to me good because that's creepy he'll fuckin Christian driving with his driving did more primitive is Ryan Drive Ryan got a subscribers what a queue in there maybe he does are you sure I do want to hang out this is the next fuckin hour how do you back up a song so it was a million fucking sponsor oh you don't need to if it was too much booze 2:30 I totally make that this is really instead of an E hey I appreciate it I really appreciate it guys y'all have a great night you take care y'all hey hope you enjoy today's video this was a good episode hope it was worth the wait I've got a lot going on in my life lately and I apologize about the time it's taken to put this one out lots of obstacles one of the cooler obstacles that you may actually care about is the fact that I got a motorcycle I've also reset my sleep schedule feel like I'm kind of experiencing sleep for the first time in my adult life I've been working all these weird service jobs in the middle of the night for so long now it kind of just used to be and run down all the time you don't really get quality sleep turns out I'm probably not gonna be working until 4:00 in the morning every weekend which means some of the magic that we find in the middle of the night will be missing but I think you can still find that magic during the daytime you just got to search for it a little bit more on the plus side you do get these nice early-morning drone shots today's video is sponsored by sin bow I'm a pretty big watch guy I was wearing this watch throughout the video my grandfather was actually a watchmaker and I feel like he passed the watch bug down to me anyways Zenvo xin bose got some pretty dope watches they gave me their new blade watch as a pretty picky watch guy I have to say it's quickly become one of my favorite watches I find the more I wear this watch the more I like it it's unique but still classy and stylish with the one of a kind blade dial has an automatic movement which is so damn cool you just got to put that thing on and charges automatically if you want to check out Zenvo if you want to get 20% off on their store on any purchase you can go to Xinbo watches dot-com slash Ryan or use promo code Ryan to get 20% off let's hope you enjoyed this video I will see you down in the comments thanks for watching you

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  1. just subscribed at 826k and I'd like to see you going for your 1st million and more, Love from India, have a great driving ryan

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