Prediction: Lincoln Riley will win this many national titles at Oklahoma

no just at the dam orgy so one of the coolest things that has come out of all of this is folks asking you questions I never take for granted people wanted to hear what you think and what you have to say which is why when I get asked a question especially about sports college football Oklahoma Oklahoma State the Thunder whatever I try to give the most sincere and well thought answer and to that end we're gonna start doing a mailbag hopefully each Friday beginning today and my man's patch Masek is going to read your questions so you can fire question my way at RJ underscore young on the YouTube channel research my name RJ Young or at the Tulsa sports animal account which is you know Tulsa animal 971 we love it it's cool even the folks that claim not to be you know in on all the fun send something it's fun all right Patrick what you got first man all right Jenna she's gonna be up first she says out of the freshmen triplets that wideout who do you think of the three has the most productive oh you career and watch of the three has the better NFL career maybe has a better career in the NFL than they did in college so the triplets for the folks that need to set up here Theo Wiese five star wide receiver freshman Trajan bridges five star wide receiver freshman and Jaden Hazelwood five star wide receiver freshman now Trajan and Theo are each from Texas Trajan from Hebron and Theo from Allen and then you have Jane Hazelwood from Georgia which was a late add to this really outstanding 2019 class now the question was always going to be which one of them can contribute early and which one of them is going to be the best of the three now there's other questions to be answered further down the careers about what if anything they're all going to be able to graduate together or lead together so I think the answer to the first part of that question is Trajan bridges but based on what we saw in the spring game and what I know Trajan bridges can do he can play inside and outside which means he has he has more versatility because if you can play H which is the inside receiver you could play X which is outside and you play Z which is outside during the spring game some play let us see when you saw him on the end of some passes from Jaylin Hertz and you got to see how good he is at getting open he's very good at competing for the ball while it's in the air and because he's six foot one I think he is the least valued of the three for people that haven't seen these guys play but I do believe that the most polished of the receivers is feel wheats because you already have what I believe is your heir apparent to CD lamb at that position Theo is the kind of dude that you ask him what the worst thing in the world could be and he'll tell you with a straight face drop in a pass this is a guy who was much larger than any of the defensive backs that he was facing at the opening last year and while yeah they're all in high school those are also guys in his class so he's already 636 but for long guy can run like a deer and really is great when the ball is in the air with both hands he can one-hand it with each one with each hand and he can come down with – I think his route running is excellent I think he's awesome when it comes to stretching the field but where he's gonna do a lot of work is over the middle where linebackers are gonna be like oh this dude is actually pretty doggone big and hard to bring down so my answer is Trajan bridges is probably going to be the most productive but the best Pro is likely to be Theo and we'll wait and see on Jeanne Hazelwood things that I'm hearing he's got some work to do and he needs to figure out where he fits but we'll wait and see because it's still extremely early in their careers yeah look I'll go at the end of I think vo for the NFL and one of the big things for me is his body I think it's great now and it'll project out I mean he could he could go full C he could go full CD lamb by the time three years are done that oh you especially in their strength program so I would say I think vo physical tools attributes projects to the NFL all three of them I think are gonna be real good play obviously I guess I'll go for the guy in college Hazelwood I think he might be a slow starter but again physical tools physical gift you know height weight speed guy with Lincoln rallies offense he's a guy that to me that maybe if he's slow start starts slow a bit but over time I think his his ceiling might be the best of those guys so one of the questions that I was alluding to Patrick was given us by some body can you read the question aloud say who was from you talking about the swamp tiger yeah he wants to know at Jaylin hurts when the heisman were you you i guess you were wanting to know it was Matt who was asking about Championships well Lincoln around okay well let's go with Matt first okay what's the question that he gave Matt wants to know how many championships will Lincoln Riley end up with I'm assuming he means college football not well and see that was now you see where I'm going right because I think that it's entirely feasible for him to end up with one national championship and then go win like eight Super Bowls because I think that Lincoln Riley is of the mind that he wants to get this done he wants to get this done because Bob got it done because Barry got it done because Budd got it done and then we'll see man I think after if you want a national championship as the head coach at Oklahoma he's playing with house money after that because nobody in the world is gonna be upset about that except the folks were like yeah but the QB train we need the QB train to keep going except no yeah well be but also oh you fans have had it so good twenty years of sustained success twenty years of doggone near dominance I mean the only programs that have been better off in the last twenty years might be Ohio State and they had their own scandals and Alabama who had you know just mixed Navy showed up and said this is what we're doing and this is how we're gonna get ahead so that's my answer what's yours I would say this I think I think Lincoln Riley is a long term guide oh you and again I could be dead wrong and I think he'll win multiple championships I'll put the number I think he can win three I think three I think link and Riley's gonna be an oh you man and he's gonna win three championships okay look at that you put him on par with coach Switzer I would say yeah I'm look I think he might look at it and say I think he'll try to get as many as Dabo or you know Nick Saban might be hard to catch by the time he's done but I think Lincoln Riley with what he's done at oh you you know obviously looking at the Vandergrift Lincoln Riley is such an elite recruiter on especially on the off inside the football we'll see what happens with the defense he's such an elite recruiter he could set this thing up to roll I mean and it might be one of those things were in the end he doesn't want to leave you know what I mean yeah I mean we always thought bob was gonna leave and he never did well I never thought bob was gonna leave because Bob would say that you know he enjoyed what was doing and after you won the national championship so early it's really difficult to leave but I take your point I think oh you fans you go on one look at the Michigan man calling three national championships for Oklahoma and – can we get the defense of Cruden going to which I would say okay Caleb Kelly's a five-star recruit and Lucas five-star recruit no matter what you think now can you read swamp Tigers question again yeah let's go swamp tiger again you can check out all of our mail bags there talk to me about the phones here I was distracted for a second but swamp tiger Jalen Hertz do you think Jalen Hertz to win the Heisman Trophy I think it'd be really cool I think there's a lot of people that are pulling for it that are Oklahoma fans and not because they like the way that he handled himself at Alabama but I also look at what he's up against he's up against to a tog of Aloha who many people thought had the Heisman in the bag until the SEC Championship until Kyle Emery did what he did in December and there's also folks that say hey look Trevor Lawrence is still at Clemson man so is travis eaton and both of those dudes absolutely positively can win that trophy so I think thing we need to have the kind of season that Kyle and Murray had last year and I don't see that being in the cards because you don't draw it up for your quarterback to throw four thousand four pro for four thousand and rush four thousand and because this offense is not going to be geared in in the same manner as it was even Rodney Anderson was healthy I think you got to see a lot more Jalen Hart to handle the ball off and bring it in too tight in sets and then flexing him out so that he can get one-on-one coverage for Lee Morris grant Cal Katara the big bodies in the middle so it's possible yeah and I think Oklahoma would have to go undefeated for it to happen but I don't think so not this year I'll see the tiger it's definitely possible and we know voters there humans and people like good stories and obviously Jalen hurts winning it would be a great story with what he went through at Bama and transferring that owe you continuing that run I also think voters will look at to uh and say to what probably deserves one I didn't win it last year so he'll be in that mix and then obviously as you said Trevor Lawrence will have something to say about it as well if I had to place money on I say no but I definitely think he'll be in New York okay so like my favorite question stayed it for last comes from Kim Hudson what'd she say she was saying brisket or ribs so like frill like brisket okay always with the brisket always with the bridge shop to brisket I'm gonna drop something on you probably did okay okay I did not know a brisket time moved to Oklahoma briskets not wasn't a thing oh you suburban Detroit child who hurts you Patrick I'm just saying you know I'm gonna make you mad you're ready to be made mad yes somebody if you were in Michigan and someone said hey RJ come to my barbecue you'd be like cool I'll be there it'd be hamburgers and hot dogs what do y'all eat up there that's the thing I mean barbecue as we know it here wasn't what I knew growing up you mean you don't know you mean you know you actually have barbecue that's like like brisket stuff like that and you know brisket no I bet libs I would say ribs I grew up with ribs there's a great so you know nothing about chitlins no y'all know nothing about gumbo I had I didn't have gumbo time moved Oakland okay etouffée I had that New Orleans all right catfish yeah campus wasn't really a thing so I got here do you would i if I gave you a dried-out pork chop what you know it a dried-out pork chop yeah a dried-out pork chop no no what is the dried-up pork chop maybe maybe I know it I just don't know the lingo a dried-out pork chop is a catcher's mitt okay you don't want to dry it out porkchop whoo you don't want that you don't want that any more than you want a completely Brown steak oh yeah I know you want you a little red in there yeah you know you you want to cook it just through enough to where you don't die and then after that you want to leave the flavor you know you want to leave the juices but I'm gonna pick the brisket every single time because well I like using a fork I like being able to get to all to meet I had braces as a kid oh okay so eating ribs just wetting into cars for a few years there because well if you've ever tried to floss braces then you know what I'm talking about yeah you ever had braces Patrick I did not well I let me tell you something I had grilles before grilles cool I had gold braces okay all right pretty good that's good I had garnet and gold that's what I was doing so like when the kiddos try to tell me about the ice and they teeth I'm like look man I got you beat and I got my teeth fixed I know I have a Florida State buddy who would think that's probably pretty cool yeah well you know the colors went together I'm not going to claim that or not claim that look

30 thoughts on “Prediction: Lincoln Riley will win this many national titles at Oklahoma

  1. If we had our current Defensive Coordinator when we played Georgia, Lincoln ALREADY would have had 1! We would have easily beat Georgia, then Alabama!

  2. There was a time I and a lot other people thought Bob Stoops would pass Bud Wilkinson and Barry Switzer on national titles. Don't spend until you earn.

  3. he's not winning a Championship, he's not going to be in Norman for much longer either. He's tailored for the NFL more than college.. as evidently with the lack of focus on the defensive end.

  4. You had me till you said "chittlins" HA! Make sure you invite Patrick over when Moms is CLEANING the swine…and film the reaction!! I do agree with him about the ships…3, I believe is a good number in light of the latest classes…and I think Theo will be #thatdude

  5. You have to win one with Riley before you can talk about multiple. It's very possible next year if OU's defense makes major improvements and if Jalen is above average. I'm 98% sure they can't beat Clemson, though.

  6. However many many national championships he wins whether it’s 1 or 5, for the love of God, do it it the right way. I don’t want to have waited all these years just for some violations to come out and get the titles stripped.

  7. I think Riley will be lucky to get one. He might get beat in a national title game and not have any. I think he doesn't have that cut throat mentality. Saban does, Swinney does and I think Switzer did. Had Stoops had that cut throat mentality, he'd have won more. Fans have got to learn to keep it real.

  8. He will definitely have at least 1.. almost certainly more. We were right there his first 2 years, and with grinch and these new recruits.. our defense will be nasty in a few years.. guaranteed national championship in the next 5 years.

  9. Of the 3 freshman receivers, Jadon Hasslewood will have the best career at OU, but Wease will have the best NFL career

  10. I have a follow up question for the freshman trip wide out question: Would it be unreasonable to expect to see all 3 on the field at some point?

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