Predatory Publishers (Fake Science Journals) Suck!

so I freaking love science and you probably freaking love science to science brought us computers which brought us YouTube and science brought us sugar that has no calories and science brought us Neil deGrasse Tyson the ring lights that you put on your phone to make your selfies look amazing science brought us chocolate-chip cookies that have no gluten in them how science brought us like nerd polio science brought us air-travel which brought me to America sucked in America hopefully an end to climate change science also brought us broccoli and sweet potatoes which didn't exist in that natural world and like really juicy peaches and apples and stuff but science has a big problem it's broken science thinks it's kind of a big deal because of its academic journals and like books and stuff kind of a big deal but whilst that used to work in the good old days when only certain people could publish stuff in today's digital world anyone can publish stuff do you have a paper that you want published in the National Journal of Biological Sciences you can you can have that published because I own that Journal I went online to hover comm and I registered NAT jbs and now I have a journal that sounds totally legit so you can see the problem here there's more journals than ever before spawning at a frightening ly fast rate these online journals don't have a readership so they've done away with things like peer review and even reading the papers that are publishes and they'll just publish anything the way they make their money is by charging a publication fee to the authors now you might ask who would pay actual real money to get their papers published in a shitty journal when they could just get published in a legit paper for free well here's the point scientists need to get published in order to get promoted and since it's really really really hard to get a paper published Publishing in these journals for the low low price of seven hundred ninety nine dollars seems like an awesome idea that's how a paper titled get me off your fucking email list was accepted in the inter National Journal of advanced computer technology not only did this journal publish the paper but they sent the authors a reviewer report that had great at the paper as excellent which is ridiculous because this journal claims to be peer reviewed right now it's an act of spectacularly willful denial by the entire scientific community to assume that the science system we have is still working properly now when I pitched the idea for this video to my producer Beck she was like academic journals that sounds boring why should we care but the thing is this stuff really really matters when the publication system doesn't work it means that anti-abortion advocates and gun lobbyists can make up faith data and get it published in legit sounding journals I cannot tell you how many times people in the comment section have sent me links to this article about gun control now it looks like a legitimate Journal article doesn't it but it was written by a lawyer for the National Rifle Association Don Cates and a Canadian guy who wrote a book called and I'm not even joking manipulating public opinion the article was published in the Harvard Journal of law and public policy which sounds legit but it's actually a student edited conservative political magazine but people read these shitty published studies like they're real science published in real journals and then they write articles with headings like Harvard gun study the more guns the less criminal activity and then we wonder why we can't get basic gun legislation passed by policymakers predatory journals are a really really big problem for science and for everyone it means shitty scientists can get published and therefore get promoted it makes it impossible for the public to be able to work out the truth it means that drug companies can get drugs passed that should never be passed it means oil companies can continue to lie about climate change in academic settings and worst of all it reduces trust in science in the words of cat Arni scientists research funders and journals are locked in a desperate three-way codependent clusterfuck when nobody is prepared to pull out first for fear of ruining it for everyone else and if they're not going to do anything about it then we have to we can't ignore this problem any longer now this is a problem for every which means everyone is responsible for solving it how should we regulate these crazy online fake academic journals should we make legislation to make sure they have to be peer-reviewed or is there another way to address this problem let us know your ideas in the comment section below hi everyone I'm Jade Louisville resident science nerd on The Young Turks Network you're watching SCI Q and we know you don't want to miss an episode so please click the subscribe button down below

21 thoughts on “Predatory Publishers (Fake Science Journals) Suck!

  1. i have read many of the so called scientific journals but many of these today require payment to purcase a copy of the article that means the articles is worthless as knowledge like this chould be free to read online or its just worthless bullshit like much of the news we are watching nowdays. in the rocoprate world everythign is for sale, even your education.

  2. mush so called shit science is not fake science or any more fake than the rest of it but does not agree with the consensus of science as only articles that argue for the same ideas as of types already accepted by the consensus will be allowed. anything unortodox that challage the doctrines will be attempted rejected even some of the stuff still goes trough.

  3. science did not bring us computers. engineers and corporate manufacturing companies and computer nerds in binary logic braught us computers and most of them did not have a special science degree. most science is a shit hole society created to fool the gullible and most proogress in science is done by private corporations and not institutions by state.

  4. Hey! Anybody can help me identify if North Sea Conference & Journal is fake, please? I'd appreciate it a lot! Thanks 🙂

  5. I was going to use this link for some educational content but the profanity was a bit too much. Don't get me wrong, I think "three-way co-dependant clusterfuck" is one of the finest phrases in the English language to date, but educational institutions won't allow me to use this. Just a note in case you wanted to make content more accessible for education insitutions like classrooms, e-textbooks, etc.

  6. fake science are used by both sides of political spectrum. I do find the left like TYT lie the most and should be avoided. I think TYT goes beyond lying, they are leftiest extreme morons. Ex. Guns do save lives but this dumb blond highlight the NFA gun study as fake because it is funded by conservatives. Funny that democrat clinton, obama have armed body guards and also have armed protection for their daughters just going to school.

  7. Interesting observations about "scientific" "published" documents.
    Most people will read what coincides with their pre-conceived ideals and gulp it up as "fact."
    There is no real way to fix this other than calling it out as you did.
    The old saw "It's true because I read it on the Internets" will always ring true to far too many and can only be countered with knowledge, intelligence and rational thinking.
    Keep up the great work and thanks, Jayde! 🙂

  8. Not a fan of sweet potatoes. Therefore science is broken xD
    How can we fix science, Jayde?
    Perhaps more regulations and an international organization to oversee this.

  9. Never thought of this before but I can see it is a logical extension of current scientific environment. Perhaps when you are participating at some forums, you could suggest something similar to a Michelin Guide to scientific publishers. Alternatively perhaps there needs to be a Alexandrian Library of papers that would be posted to and the various disciplines could coordinate the peer reviews. This would allow collation from multiple areas of research as well as alternative search routines (eg fuzzy logic)

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