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"If God tells me to ask for a wish" A very special nature, who always said… …that I'm also an old bird hunter. But I know how to proceed very well. His name itself was enough to scare people. People stopped naming
their children as Pran. We are talking about legendry
actor Pran Kishan Sikand. "My heart was taken by your cruel eyes." "Oh dear!
This is known to the whole world." "The axe came and hit me directly
in my heart. Oh, lover!" Pran sir was born in old Delhi Kotgad. His father was a civil engineer. He used to work on government contracts. His mother's name was Rameshwari. Pran sir wanted to become a
professional photographer. But he became an actor.
– I'm not like those people. Why don't you try to understand? Your money and my fame can
turn this world upside down. Do you think to get 70 crores… …instead of playing with
fire should I play with water? Let me get the money.
All the luxuries of this… …world will be under our feet. One story is famous that once Pran… …was eating tobacco in one shop. The writer Wali Mohmmad Wali reached there. He asked him whether he'll act in films. Pran asked why he was making fun… of him as he had come to eat tobacco. But Wali Mohammad Wali told
him that he had a role. That Pran sir must act in that.
It was a Punjabi movie. It was made by Galchuk Pancholi. The name of the movie was Yamla Jatt. This movie was produced in 1940. It was the time when Pran
sir was living in Lahore. In Lahore film industry… …Pran sir had made a
good name for himself. But in the year 1947 when partition… took place Pran sir came to Mumbai. But what is the guarantee that after… …taking so much money you won't cheat? taking so much money you won't cheat? …In Joker's den are you doing cheating? Get lost. – Pran was any way famous
in Lahore film industry. But he was getting work in Mumbai. He was in such a bad state
that he was wondering how.. .. he was going to look after his family. With the help of famous Urdu
poet Sabit Hassan Mantoor.. ..Pran sir got a role in
Bombay Talkies movie Ziddi. This was a time when Pran sir had… …no money to buy local train ticket. To go to Bombay talkies Pran sir… …took early morning train from his house. As he didn't want any ticket… …checker to ask ticket from him. When Pran sir was offered this role… …he asked for advance money. So that he could start his work. In the film "Ziddi" with Pran sir.. ..Dev Anand and Kamini Kaushal acted. It was Shahid Lateef who directed it. "The wishes of the heart
are very youthful." Sing. "The wishes of the heart
are very youthful." – Very good. "The atmosphere is drowned in color." – Good, good. Good. "The wishes of the heart
are very youthful." "The atmosphere is drowned in color." "The atmosphere is drowned in color." "I have won you by losing both the world." This was a time when Pran sir was… …getting one after another negative role. His heroes used to be… …Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand & Raj Kapoor. Pran sir acted so well in all… …his movies that people stopped.. ..naming their children as Pran. With Raj Kapoor sir also
Pran sir made a good pair. It may have been "Chori Chori", "Chhalia" or… …"Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai". The face must be like
beauty queen Saira Banu. Okay. The waist. How it must be?
– How it must be? Idiot! It must be like Helen. – Like Helen. Her walk must be like Vaijayantimala.
– Okay. In film industry one after
another newer kept coming. But in the name of villain
only Pran sir was there. It may be Rajendera Kumar or Dharmendra. Joy Mukerjee or Shammi Kapoor. They have all beaten
only Pran sir on screen. Pran sir has not played only
dreaded villain's role. In movies like Half Ticket he did… comic roles with Kishore Kumar. Is there no one? – No.
– I'm his uncle. Make it fast. Uncle? – Yes.
– My father was his father's only son. From where did you drop?
– I'm your father's cousin. I have come from Africa.
– Oh! African uncle? In 50's and 60's Pran
got only villain roles. But in Manoj Kumar's movie "Upkaar"… …Pran sir's image got totally changed. In the year 1967 in "Upkaar" Pran played… …the character of Madan uncle. Which as very positive and emotional. In this movie Pran sir sang
a song also on screen. "Promise, Oath, love, faithfulness
and all are just promise." "What is there in this promise?" From the film Upkaar
itself Pran sir started… …to get new type of characters. The character of Upkaar
even made the audience cry. The thing to notice is when
Amitabh Bachchan's movie.. .."Zanjeer" was made Pran sir's role… …was bigger than the hero's role. And in this movie instead
of hero Pran sang song. "Friendship is my virtue
and friend is my life." Not only the directors of
black and white movie. Even the up coming directors gave… Pran sir very important
roles in their films. For example Subhash Ghai sir
gave very strong roles to him.. "Vishwanath", "Karz" and in "Krodhi". Shri Special officer, we
believed in your words. You both are spies from India.
In our country the.. ..punishment for spies is death. In the year 1945 Pran sir got married. His wife's name is Shukla Aluwalia. They had 3 children.
Sons, Arvind and Sunil. Daughter is Pinky. Pran sir said that if he had another.. .. birth, he'll take birth as Pran only. In the history if Indian
cinema Pran sir's name… …will be always taken proudly. I don't know your name.
– Rajini. – Very nice name. I'm called as Raja Babu.
– Very cheap name. – What? For bollywood's latest
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