Power of Reading Great Books – EFFORTLESS ENGLISH PODCAST

22 thoughts on “Power of Reading Great Books – EFFORTLESS ENGLISH PODCAST

  1. I really respect you dear excellency AJ. Hoge you are the best teacher all around the world a follow your lesson but until know i am weak in speaking what should i do to get better in speaking English language

  2. No a j

    India is a very good country.

    Whoever talked negative about India is wrong.
    India is a beautiful country.

  3. Thanks a lot sir AJ HOGE..FOR SHARING TO US UR EFFORTLESS METHOD on how to speak in English confidently.im a school system victims we back a decade that passed…i remembered before that our teacher will just give us a book and told.."READ WITH YOUR EYES AND Be silent"I GREW UP SO SHY,LACK OF CONFIDENT..AND WORST WHILE FINDING OF WHO REALLY AM I.I KICK OUT OF MY JOB COZ OF MY TERRIBLE ENGLISH..IM ON MY WAY LEARNING OF UR METHOD AND I THINK IM LEARNING A LOT..A SALUTE TO U SIR AJ HOGE AND A MILLION OF THANKS.M

  4. my name is siciid .from somalia horn of africa.AJ HOGE when i lisen this video i get more experience becouse if you make more reading and more lisen you gets new skills new methods new strategies your life will be changed that is the reason. note ..english is not my mother language. my mother language is somali . but i love english and i want to learn english high. gracias.

  5. U R Amazing Sir Best Online teacher
    u r more than just a teacher u r Great Motivation Speaker
    Love From 🇮🇳 india

  6. aj hog sir….this is a full book videos ..plz …yes/no. i m waiting plz plz ..plz …thex..👌👌👌

  7. Hi, A.J.Hoge
    You’re some great English speakers in the United States of America whenever I’ve heard and a powerful energy level for talking (teaching) to all listeners and students in the world.
    Even, I’ve seen through some listeners who wrote their comments about some years ago and then I was just been listening to You. Absolutely, it’s really excited and interested…me so much! Thanks a lot!
    I can’t forget sincerely to say: May God Bless You!

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