Power BI Tutorial for Beginners: Power BI. Publish and Create Dashboard (1.5.3)

18 thoughts on “Power BI Tutorial for Beginners: Power BI. Publish and Create Dashboard (1.5.3)

  1. I just love your Power BI videos! 🙂 Not so scared to begin learning anymore. Good luck with your new projects.

  2. Hi Avi, this is one of the best PowerBI video series I have seen. I have gained PowerBI skills before but this has inspired me a lot. Compliments!

  3. One of the best series I have ever seen. It's like your'e born to do this! Thanks a lot all the way from Sweden 🙂

  4. Thanks Avi. I am myself a Power BI trainer and consultsant and I learned alot out of it. I saw all your videos in one go. Appreciate your great work.

  5. Thank you Avi for explaining this much easy. I have gone through all videos in a day and created a report. Thank you again.

  6. Hi Avi, what's the different between direct contact( to onedrive for business) and on premises data gateway( also to a onedrive Excel file)?

  7. hi avi,
    I have created a report in power bi desktop and published it.
    i can refresh it manually in power bi desktop but not in the power bi service.
    Error Message:"The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed."
    Please help!!

  8. Thanks Avi for the tutorials, whats next. Do you have plan for some Online training sessions covering advance DAX and Power Query for Power BI with more Dashboard. Let me I would be interested to be part of the training

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