Postmodernism in Literature – Introduction

9 thoughts on “Postmodernism in Literature – Introduction

  1. Why is Post Modernism so difficult to understand? Because it is a self refuting philosophy: Objective truth doesn't exist, there is only subjective truth (opinion). I say that's wrong, if they say they're right, they just went against their own philosophy if they don't accept my truth to be exactly as valid as their's. How can you build a society on that, unless you want perpetual war and conflict, when people disagree and everybody is right or wrong? Post Modernism asks a lot of interesting questions and have a lot of valid criticisms, but they don't have any viable solutions. Somehow most PM's are marxists? Why? Post Modernism rejects metanarratives, but maybe it's because Foucault and Derrida were marxists, I guess. 🙂

  2. I think this is one of the best (if not the best) explanations of postmodernism here in youtube. It's a very well organised presentation and summary, and the sketching of the main ideas is accurate and comprehensive. I'll watch all your course, indeed, and thank you very very much.

  3. Hope this will help me for my competitive exam..I started to watch it from today onwards..tq so much mam

  4. This is really helpful for my Globalisation and Modernity course here in Romania, thanks Professor!!

  5. You perfectly presented all your explanation and hats off to your pronunciation ..l m in no dilemma to say this 👌

  6. Please refer the books you are teaching from, it will be of real HELP. Nice work. Must say looking graceful as ever.

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