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  1. Aight, ima make a story theme clears throat for 5 minutes straight
    The time of rule of emperor Ceaser.

    After Ceaser was removed from rule, the new leader, being assassinated before the ACTUAL emperor took power.
    The new leader, Agellum. having different beliefs from Ceaser, defecting to a cult, named “Better Rome TM” made of radicals who believe in equal rights and all that shit. Eventually, becoming the leader after assassinating the actual leader. “The Snake”, and Agellum is working on a uh. “Evil” experiment. After a strange substance was found in the Amazon’s by natives. Being captured by Agellum. (Which I will now call “The Bull”). The substance was highly corrosive and similar to radiation. The substance works much like Cordyceps, infecting a persons lungs, creating growths and leaving the victim dead, a nest for more spores to be produced. It is very rare that the human will survive this process. At the end of the growth, the surviving victim being a aware spore nest. In awhile. The survivors having their brain hijacked, the survivor having the urge to kill and infect, but can be resisted with MUCH effort. Agellum releasing the virus into Rome supporters. The country, Germanium going into rebellion against The rest of Rome. Germanium burning down many things, from the smoke and the viruses corrosive properties, mixing to create a hybrid radiation technically not radiation something. Affecting the air and causing heavy snow. At this time, the surviving victims of the virus mutating into monsters. Extra body parts being added, such as tails n stuff. The Bull’s soldiers now defecting to Germanium for the cause. Neighboring countries are worried that this will spread world wide. The countries of Europe setting up check points surrounding Rome. The infection first caught by a French outpost named “The Defense”. Being overrun by biomass, and other checkpoints being taken by the virus. Leading the virus spreading to other countries, the rest of non infected Europe closing all of the infected countries off. Others next.

    Factions: The snake church, leader: The Bull.
    Believing in equality for the people Romans’ capture, but hating other races. Such as Native Americans. There goal is to destroy Rome, rebuilding it under its regime.
    . Rome’s rebuilding and restoration, RRAR, leader: Lefa’ his last name not being known.
    The faction made up from the remnants of European forces. There duty to restore Rome.
    . Winter Men, leader: “Shark face”.
    The winter men being surviving infected, which has became more common since the contaminated environments are more common. Shark face being a intelligent infected, able to stand small arms, explosives and fire he can die from. And having a lot of mutations. The infected who are close or at his stage, being the ranks in his office. There goal to infect, kill, and destroy.

    Character: we follow Pierre Shoct Te’ Francwa. A footmen in RRAR. A very unstable individual, being probably abandoned by RRAR in a TSC raid. Isn’t really er, brooding. Like other main CHARACTERS. Blah blah blah something blah blah blah.

  2. I sometimes wonder if the amount of heavy metal attire and vehicles is simply because now that the world has ended, they can take all of that stuff off of other things and enjoy it for themselves! It's far more fun that way, like a post-apoc cannibalization of material to make yourself look all the more terrible. 😉

  3. Every time I feel the need to write something.. I come here to remind myself that I have no original ideas and that every idea I have is a cliché

  4. 9/10. Nine points for the amazing Fallout 1 introduction (would have never pegged you as an old-school Fallout player), minus one for the absence of the most important thing: the love triangle.

  5. Fun fact: a nuclear apocalypse would still technically make the world look like a desert.

    Antarctica is a desert.

  6. Remember to never have anyone use water or wind power in any way despite the difficulty in both extracting and refining gasoline in a post apocalyptic world.

  7. I think one of the good things from this trope are the radiated mutants. I'm a sucker for monster designs.

  8. I think people forget that Mad Max took place in Australia when making the post-apocalyptic world one big desert

  9. Thank god I missed all of these except the mutant creatures. I kinda just made them powerful because LITERAL MAGICAL MANIPULATION BECAUSE FUCK YOU

  10. I personally believe a truly amazing post apocalyptic setting especially in movies should be nice if there was a flu that wiped out all inimmune, and the landscape is fine, with only society changing. The only threat involving death are humans and natural causes

  11. My post apocalyptic book is about a world years later where the first large empires are rising out of the ashes of the zombie outbreak that destroyed the original society.

  12. I’ve been working on a fallout fanfic for a while now, and I keep finding myself stuck between the two odds of “too much of a departure from the series itself“ and “ripping off too much of the series.“

  13. *SPOILER The moment you realize that the entire Shannara series is really a post apocalyptic setting after the Knight of the Word series. That twist blew my mind.

  14. What I learned from these videos is that every writing problem no matter how complex and fundamental for the story can be solved with either a love triangle or "Who cares?"

  15. If you need inspiration, go to sleep. Hopefully your brain is creative enough to make a plot for you in your dreams.

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