Portal's Writer, Erik Wolpaw, RETURNS to Valve

between 2016 and 2017 marc laidlaw Erik Wolpaw Chet Faliszek and Jay Pinkerton the main writers at valve responsible for projects such as half-life half-life 2 the episodes portal portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 all left the valve and following these high-profile departure as much of the valve community were very worried that we would never see another high quality single-player experience written and directed by the people that we know and love now obviously Chet fallow second Marc Laidlaw have yet to return to valve and to be completely honest neither of them ever will however earlier this year we got word that JPEG Orton did return to valve and as of today January 3rd 2019 Erik Wolpaw the writer of portal and the co-writer of the half-life episodes in portal 2 has returned to valve on February 19 2017 it was widely publicized that Erik Wolpaw had left the company some assumed this had something to do with the fact that he was the co-writer of psycho nuts 2 with Tim Schafer at double fine however if you emailed him he said that he was working at his niece's juice shop in Cleveland and as of today it is confirmed through an email from Gabe Newell that Erik Wolpaw yes has returned to valve this is not something that has happened recently however as according to the credits file in artifact Erik Wolpaw was already at valve back in late November and as it currently stands exactly when Wolpaw made the return is still up in the air and to be completely honest it does not really matter exactly how his return will affect the production of things like HOV r is not known however hopefully all the things they had done for HOV are before his return will remained unchanged so that we don't have to wait another three to four years for that game to release instead Jay Pinkerton and Erik will pause return does mark the need of something being in development that interested them enough to be able to come back to the company and as it currently stands valve has quite a few writers there was the recent hire of Ravi Escom of the invisible hours steve Jaros the writer of artifact known for his work on the Saints Row series and of course the return of Jay Pinkerton and most recently the return of Erik Wolpaw incredibly exciting news and as it stands this is one of the most interesting times to be a valve fan I've been doing valve news network for close to eight years and I've been paying very close attention for much longer than that and this seems to be the most active period of time I've recovered and that means the world to me I can't wait to be able to report on exactly what ends up happening and hopefully we don't have to wait very long to be able to see exactly what the hell is going on I'm just getting a little bored

21 thoughts on “Portal's Writer, Erik Wolpaw, RETURNS to Valve

  1. Don't let this make you forget Tyler didn't see an email and lost out on a free Vive.

  2. Selling and skins wont save steam. Maybe epic games will become the best market….

    Valve needs a new game. Idc if its half life/portal/anything just a game

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