Police Officer Writing Sample- Practice Scenario

you are a police officer with the Columbus Division of Police your name is officer Jordan Sanders badge number two one four and your precinct assignment is five be six you are working in Cruiser number 50 you and your partner were dispatched on October 31st to a private residence at three 146 Mayfair Drive Columbus Ohio four three two two one to handle a missing persons report the caller is Mary Russell you are dispatched at six o'clock p.m. and arrive at 6:00 11:00 p.m. the scenes you are about to view will show you a partner officer Stephen Potter interviewing the caller and a family member officer Potter's badge number is three to four you are to complete an incident report form and write a descriptive passage detailing the facts as presented in the scenes and narrative your incident number for this run is one for three assume the incident happened in the current year hello ma'am were with the Columbus Division of Police my name is Mary Russell and I called the police my daughter is missing please come in okay ma'am we're here to help you let me take down some information can you spell your name for me please M ay R why you s s e l l what's your phone number my home phone is to 7700 to zero my cell number is 5 9 5 3 3 to 5 okay your home phone number is to 7700 to 0 and your cell number is 5 9 5 3 3 to 5 do you live at this address and who lives here in this house with you yes I love here with my two daughters the daughter who's missing what's her name in her age her name is Hannah Russell she just turned 17 a couple of weeks ago can you spell your daughter's first name H a n n aah can you give me a physical description of your daughter yes she's about five foot five inches tall has brown eyes and long brown hair here is a current picture of Hannah how much does she weigh about 125 pounds what is her race in her social security number she is white her social security number is three three one two five nine nine four one okay that was three three one two five nine nine four one does she have a cell phone yes her cell number is five nine five two four two four okay that number was five nine five two four two four and Hannah lives here at this address correct yes when was the last time that you saw Hannah I saw her this morning before I left for work it was around 7:00 a.m. she was getting ready for school do you know if she went to school today yes she and her sister drove to school together plus I did call the high school and she did attend all of her classes today when does she normally come home from school she's usually home by the time I get home from work at about 4:30 p.m. unless she has marching band practice but today there was no practice she should have been home by now I'm really worried she is very responsible and never goes anywhere without calling me or texting me first you said she drives to school with her sister is her sister home yes let me get her for you officers this is my daughter Haley Russell she's Hannah's twin sister hi Haley can you spell your first name H a i-l-y and do you live here at this address yes you drove to school with Hanna today correct yes we share a car and always drive to school together how did you get home from school today I drove home after school at 2:30 this afternoon Hannah plays trumpet in the marching band and she stayed after school to help one of the freshmen trumpet players with their music I have a big history report due tomorrow so I came home to work on it I told Hannah to call me when she was done and I come back to school to pick her up she said she'd be done by 3:30 at the latest I started working on my report and didn't think anything of it until mom got home from work and asked me where Hannah was I drove over to the high school to get her but she wasn't there what high school do you and your sister attend Central High School what grade are you in we are both seniors this year do you recall what Hannah was wearing today um well she was wearing blue jeans a pink t-shirt and purple tennis shoes oh and she wore a gray winter coat today she also wears red glasses I'm really worried about her we always stay in touch with each other and this is really unlike her to not call me your mom yes we are both very worried do you know where she might have gone after she left the school no I don't know either I know she has a chemistry test tomorrow so I'm sure she wanted to get home to study did you try calling her cellphone yes we did try calling her but she didn't answer can we search your home just to make sure she didn't come home without you being aware of it of course I don't see her anywhere mrs. Russell Haley we will do everything we can to find her we will enter her information into our computer system and air her physical description over the radio we will also contact Central High School here are our business cards please contact us if you hear from Hanna or have any questions Thank You officers please find her for us

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