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hey folks dr. lava here well the last couple of weeks we talked about the best cut content from Pokemon generations one and two and now it's time to move on to generation three the first two generations had a lot of content cut because of a lack of storage space on a Game Boy cartridge but even with a series upgrading to the Gameboy Advance cartridges imitations still managed to get in the way of Game Freak fitting in everything they wanted to include in generation three but it wasn't just cut content that Pokemon fans around the world missed out on there are also a lot of scrapped ideas and quite a bit of content that was only available in Japan so in no particular order let's dig into the top 5 scrapped ideas chunks of cut content and only in Japan content that we never got a chance to play and pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald unlike the first two generations there hasn't been a huge list of scrapped monsters from generation 3 that's been made public for us all to obsess over but there are seven or eight monsters worth mentioning in 2012 when the annual game onyx belt was held in Brazil Ruby and Sapphire concept art from early 2002 was shown off that revealed scrapped designs for several Gentry Pokemon including these two beta forms of Torchic one possessing long bunny ears and the other being half concealed inside an egg there was also art for this early Treecko design where he looks more like an actual gecko than how his appearance turned out in the release versions there was also beta Groudon who's got an extra pair of spikes on his torso different head and tail designs and is liking the weather trios distinctive body pattern and finally there was art for this unnamed Pokemon that fans have since named Latta Kim who was ultimately split into two separate Pokemon latias and Blaziken in a 2007 issue of Nintendo Power the game's director junichi Masuda explained that a sea slug Pokemon you could only be shell as org Astrid on but probably both were meant to be in Ruby and Sapphire but had to be pushed back to diamond and pearl I say probably both because diamond and pearls internal data actually includes these unused back sprites for shells and gas trade on that were most likely their leftover Gen 3 beta designs which show subtle but noticeable differences compared to the forms that they took in the release versions and this last one's not quite as solid but it is still worth mentioning in a 2013 interview with Nintendo life monster designer Hiro Nobu Yoshida said he designed a rabbit with a flower on his nose but ended up throwing it out because it didn't make sense in the context of its natural environment generation threes Helen region is home to four hidden islands all of which require special event tickets in order to visit with one of those tickets only made available in Japan for the most part event tickets can only be obtained by physically attending them Tendo special events usually held at very specific locations like the Pokemon Center in Tokyo or New York City bringing the special event Aurora ticket to the SS title would allow you to sail to berth Island the only place in generation 3 where we could see the legendary pokemon deoxys the eon ticket would take you to southern island we could find one of the two legendary dragons either latias or latias and the mystic ticket brought you to navel Rock a large multi-story cave with a ho-oh on top and a lugia at the bottom but the old sea map could only be acquired at special events in Japan and was never made available internationally with the old sea map in hand the SS title would sail you to faraway Island an untouched islet that doesn't contain any wild Pokemon just trees and grass that made up a large labyrinth which ultimately led you to an encounter with a level 30 new outside of Japan faraway Island could only be seen with cheats and glitches and nowadays that's probably the only way you're going to get to visit any of these four Islands according to the game's director junichi Masuda there were quite a few new ideas and gameplay mechanics that were considered for generation three that never made it into the funnel build in a 2003 interview he explained that the limitations of the Gameboy Advance cartridges iyer to give each Pokemon several unique sounds that they could make depending on their mood using Pikachu's well-known vocal range and wide range of emotions as an example and on his blog in 2004 Masuda detailed several limitations of the classic Pokemon formula that were reexamined like the ability to carry more than six pokémon at a time and Pokemon being able to retain more than four moves at once but in the end the developers decided to leave those particular limitations in place what's more the internal data of the release versions reveal that two on to while Pokemon battles got as far as actually being programmed into the games but the string of code for double wild battles ended up going unused in the final builds though generation 3 did mark the beginning of the series use of two-on-two trainer battles in our episode on gold and silver we talked about an island of snow that was cut from generation to well it appears that generation three lost a snow environment of its own the game's internal data includes this unfinished and unused weather effect for snow as well as 11 battles against an entire trainer class that was cut from the games snowboarders who specialized in ice type Pokemon just a handful of snowboarders were in generation 2 and as DS remakes but after being kept from Ruby and Sapphire they never returned to the series ever again before there were virginal consoles and a shops and antennas first method of re-releasing classic NES games was by a Game Boy Advance peripheral called the e-reader scanning compatible cards where the e-reader could also add brand new content to GameCube and Game Boy Advance games up to 35 Pokemon minigames could be played by scanning certain Pokemon TCG cards but new content could only be added to rubies sapphire and emerald using petal ecards about 300 Baddeley cards were produced in Japan mostly sold in sets containing nine cards each but just the first 54 plus a few extra promo cards were made available internationally in some regions like Europe never got that ereader at all Baddeley cards could unlock exclusive berry types and even decorations for your secret base but most were trainer cards scanning trainer cards in your ereader with some a new opponents to battle at the old man's house in mossdeep city or up to 8 at a time that trainer Hill what's interesting about these trainer cards is that many of them were made up of teams of level 100 Pokemon making them some of the strongest opponents in the entire series unfortunately none of these battles reward you with XP but you can receive some prizes like TMS a few of these trainers were made available in the international releases trainer Hill expert mode but most of them were never seen outside of Japan luckily for North America though the best ereader cart of the mall was distributed by a Nintendo Power magazine issue 172 unlocking the special event Aeon tickets so you could sail to one of the games hidden Islands and nab yourself a legendary dragon okay before we wrap up there are a couple more things worth mentioning in the release versions of Ruby and Sapphire you fight the leaders of Team Aqua and team magma twice each but the internal data reveals there is once meant to be one more battle against them that would have taken place earlier in the game's story and a canceled series of special events called wonder spots in combination with emerald versions altering cave is another interesting scrapped concept but the same cave can be found in firered/leafgreen and since it's more interesting in relation to those games will save altering cave for the firered and leafgreen episode but like always this is a best of list so those last two we're just gonna get this week's honorable mentions okay there are more pokemon episodes coming up so subscribe if you don't want to miss out on that and check out our past videos for more Nintendo cut content if there are any Corrections that need to be made I'll put them in this video's description along with all my sources including the fan art shown earlier ok thanks for watching see you next time

37 thoughts on “Pokemon Generation 3's Cut Content – Beta Monsters, Japanese e-Reader Content, Island – Dr Lava #15

  1. Hey so. That rabbit pokemon? Its name is Peppit and it's actually a pokemon from a fan game called "Pokemon Sage." If you were just going to use a random rabbit and slap a flower on its nose why not a. just use a normal rabbit or b. actually credit it as someone else's pokemon and not just "fan art" of this weird flower pokemon rabbit thing?

  2. A lot of these things actually made it into the remakes. Wonder Spots were made into Mirage Spots, for example. Similarly, the Eon Tickets were added as a normal part of gameplay. Deoxys emerges from a mysterious triangle, but this time, no event is needed, and the triangle is in space. And instead of the mystic ticket, you can find a Bell item that lets you encounter Ho-Oh/Lugia at Sea Mauville.

  3. Wasnt there a special event planned for the White Rock and Mosdeep Space Center that allowed you to travel to the moon/space to catch a Jirachi or Deoxys? (which would be why Deoxys is available in ORAS)

  4. Aaawwwww, I liked the rabbit with the flower on its nose. If that had been made into an actual Pokemon, you'd bet I'd use it on my team.

  5. Considering international fans pay just as much if not more for these games, it's complete BS how we're continually screwed out of Japan only content.

  6. I had an e reader. still have a few cards for special trainer battles somewhere and some e reader tcg cards.

  7. Being able to carry 1 pokemon :

    Being able to to carry 2 pokemon:

    Being able to carry 6 pokemon:

    Being able to carry 12,000,000 pokemon:
    O O F

  8. I still have my E-reader and some of the trainer E-cards! I just dunno where I put them…
    My room is a current mess.

  9. Holy fuck! I had the european version of the games and I was able to go to the Faraway Island. The game literally let me go there but there was nothing there. Not even Mew. I ran around there in the grass but nothing ever came up. I thought I was missing something and thought how pointless that place was. I can't believe Mew was supposed to be there all this time.

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