Poet's Word Wins the Prince of Wales's Stakes Royal Ascot

de toilettes temper bombs upon the quarter for the Prince of Wales estates banging his head on the stalls this time but Frankie's animated early on just to get him to engage a gear as out in front eminent Leeds in second place is Hawke bill pace is not that strong royal julius in sir craftsmen's got a reasonable spot in 4th place is racing alertly though it's worse in fifth fifth Satmar a couple of things further back olivia is desert encounter so eminent out in front just fighting the riders slightly royal julius in third hopeful in fourth again Frankie just that low in the saddle ease determine on to let craftsman go to sleep this afternoon keeping him in touch with the front three couple of eights to poet's word in this gap of four to five links to cliffs of mower you see Frankie he's sitting still in the saddle whereas out in front eminence riders weights all back just from a restrain this keep running horse out in front so eminent it is who leads from Royal Julius third fourth built pranksmen races in the fourth placed lengthen a half back in fifth into poet's word and these five remain clear of the other pair who have benefited slightly further behind lifts of myrrh and desert encounters they're making their way up past halfway and out in front eminent leads by a length in second place royal Julius a third for fourth bill is having to be written a long cranks bill in fourth place a back in fit then is poet's word cliffs admire and desert encounter are itching closer at the back of the field eminent leads the tourney and again Frankie just Stokes the cold slightly as ever that leads by half a length Royal Julius in second thoughtful in third craftsman will pull to the outside to begin a challenge little wide on the bend still being stalked by poets were record-breaking 76 raw asket success he came past cracksman who was lethargic from the go satisfied smile therefore a man who has a history role ask that you can match winner number 76 in the Ray the most valuable race of the week poets were at the last word hats off to the great Sir Michael stouts it all started on the 15th of June 1977 when heh-heh hard won the Jersey stakes number 76 the record breakers it looms up sighs craftsman is poets were Jason he was certainly the best sauce on the day under these conditions a typical late improve in time for the Sir Michael team he's off the back for the confidence boost in when he's already been to Dubai he's beaten to the order this is not fractions this is about Sir Michael and then you've ridden for we shouldn't use words like legends and great too often that they apply to Sir Michael statues he's an absolute genius and when he says the preparation has gone well you know he can go to the window he gets these horses he is very very patient he takes his time he adores horses when they're hit top farm you know it's just another half that's just improved out of the oldest world but he's an absolute gem he's quiet value just the same what he plays it down a little bit but he's very very ambitious down underneath congratulations to Michael and walking into the winner's enclosure ed for the 76th time in his career here at Royal Ascot Sir Michael firstly congratulations on becoming the winning most trainer at this prestigious meeting her how do you feel now yes well it's a release because we were stuck on it last year but as I said the other night you know Henry did most of his training when it was a four-day meeting so I've had an advantage and you know nobody respected him and him rather than I did as a trainer I took us through the race firstly because he stuffed it out very well yes I mean come along we're here last time and maybe watch movies everybody bets now but we've beaten the others comprehensively you know he's a very consistent brave sound horse that's what he is I asked you beforehand whether it improved seven legs is there still more to come from this one well that would do when we look through your CV the illustrious role of honour – you've had your first winner came here in the in the late 70s what is it about this place that is so special to you – Michael I think this was the original owner to be honest and we've been very lucky to have got a lot of nice horses over the years and a huge well done from all of us here at ITV racing you drove onto the staff you know they put a lot of work into horses letters congratulations from all of us at I to be racing – Michael thank you very much and a magnificent moment for James doll who's won this race before James this was a superb performance were you surprised at how well you were going and compared to the cracks when turning into the straightaway and see even after going a furling was under pressure to hold this pitching uneasy so it was fine of the cakes all the way up from swingy bottom to the home turn I was traveling all over him it was just a case of hanging on but I was kind of in the back of my mind I know this wolf stays along the half as well so I still watched still wanted to press the button early enough and so it's so tough and fair place everyone that's a Michaels and a big bit caught up to and Bruce Raymond who I gathered he was hoping to be here today but couldn't make it on fortunately in them yeah synchrony Bruce and for you James you've written the winner for Sir Michael stout one of the most important winners in this career at landmark success for him and I'm sure you want to pay tribute to what he's done in his career not just here Alaska but in general yeah for sure I mean

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  1. Does not travel or got the speed of Enable, he's very good on soft ground over over 10 F, but probably needs 12 F on anything better than good to play to his strengths, think we will see a different horse when he steps back up to 12 F, people just got carried away with that run on soft ground in the champion, just did not warrant being rated above Enable who showed the same brilliance on different goings and tracks, there is no doubt Enable would have run that field ragged in the Champion given her proven stamina, speed and indifference to ground conditions or tracks – she's the full package for a middle distance horse – Cracksman got his quirks.

  2. Sir Michael Stoute and the late, great Sir Henry Cecil began the day tied at 75 for the most number of winners by a trainer all-time at the royal meeting. With this win and another later in the day in the G3 Jersey Stakes, Sir Michael Stoute now stands alone a top the all-time leaders list by a trainer with 77 royal meeting wins to date. Congrats Sir Michael. Well done indeed!

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