Poets v. Prose Writers

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  1. After reading a various genre of book, I found what is the difference between thoses two works of art.
    The poet uses word subjectivly and open minded on them (for metaphor or sonority purpose) while writer use them objectivly (action speak louder than words).

    Being greatly influenced by poetry, I badly interprete the rule "Show, Don't Tell''. I thought I have to replace ''HourGlass'' by ''Temporal Grain''. I was wrong! It's in the descriptive viewpoint, not in language viewpoint. Writing" hourglass" is more easier and everyone know it is a "hourglass"! Now, I should change the way I write.

    My philosophy in writing is: ''Everyword you have are useful! Don't prive them''. Poet and Writer will take this advice differently.
    -Poet, being open minded, will use words subjectivly, for the purpose of metaphor or sonority. Example, for Lyre, the Oprhée's intrument, can be defined as: a personal feeling, voice, a music or a tortured soul and it rhyme with the word "Ire", stand for anger.
    For them, the beauty speak louder than action. They play with words, pacing, echos, rhyme, picture. Poetry is the art of language.
    -Writer will use words objectivly to describe action and emotions, without being vague. He anwser to all questions: When, Where, Who, Why and When. It uses less of metaphors and use simple and easy-to-understand sentence. Story is the art of describing scene, fiction or reality.

    If I reach a story-like style, I could write Fan-fictions with no problem!

    (I am French, my English is not great)

  2. It is not often that someone can talk uninterrupted for six minutes without me finding something to argue about. You did. I agreed with every word you said, and I felt a passion about it too. Thank you.

  3. I dont think the two can be compared. Poetry is a simple unit that comprises Prose. Prose is dynamic and multidimensional and requires so much writing experience-I've been writing for years and have yet to feel like i perfected a form.

  4. Brightness falls from the air: could have several meanings in my mind. E.g Enlightenment, of a situation. The sign of hope in a bad situation. How a person may make you feel when your around them. An actual example of a landscape. An escape route.

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