Poets & Pornstars – In the Dark

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    So about 10 years ago a band rocked my world and hasn't really quit doing so…they had the look, the sound, the live shows and most importantly the SONGS…this band should have RULED the world but as we know 💩 happens and well it did…
    10 years later I asked them if I flipped the bill would they go back into the studio with a great producer I know named The Rev. Tom Chandler and record a few new songs???
    They said YES! So I booked it…they actually showed up (well most of them 😉 ) and we are blessed with 3 NEW tunes!
    Here they are…they are free if you want them and if you want to hear more you are welcome to "DONATE" whatever you want to GETTING THEM BACK IN THE STUDIO NEXT YEAR TO DO SOME MORE!!! This is not to make me or the band $ it is ALL going back into more music production ASAP. So if you are willing to help make that happen share what you will (remember a coffee is $5 now 🤔 )…if not thats fine too… ENJOY and please share to EVERYONE you know who loved them or just loves GREAT RnR! Please "repost" and actually share to the other LOVERS and DIEHARDS you know. FB limits our audience if we don't get grass roots FAN help…so please lets do this and get some more songs out of these bad asses! Special thanks to Clark Skelton for the drumming, Atara Glazer and Cat Braithwaite for incredible backing vocals.
    If you post this without my story please just let other LOVERS and DIEHARDS know any $$$ given is to get them RECORDING AGAIN!!! Now lets spread this like "FAKE NEWS"🤘
    **For reasons we won't go into they can't call themselves POETS AND P… So Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce… Hal Oh, Sally F Hope, Domo Domaracki…as…


  2. Hal to chodzący sex:D A muzyka… cóż powiedzmy, że dodam do mojej 10 ulubionych zespołów jeszcze jeden;P

  3. Véi, não tenho conhecimento de uma música tão foda.

    Inspiração do caralho pra criar essa música me dá.

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