Poets of the Fall – You Know My Name (Studio Live)

43 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – You Know My Name (Studio Live)

  1. Some of these overly positive comments about this version of this song are unwarranted.
    it's a good cover no doubt… but saying its an improvement on the original is just sickening.
    RIP Chris Cornell

  2. I’m not cool enough to know this is a cover. Now, cuz I’m not cool, I’ll die thinking Chris Cornell covered this amazing original toon by POTF…not as well.

  3. That song sounds so very "James Bond!" As a matter of fact-Marko himself would make a wonderful James Bond!!

  4. 1:33 i think its the rythm guitar/keyboard that actually making the feel of this song an interesting arransement
    the whole cover is 2nd best after original

  5. In the first place, I saw the title "You know my name" by this band before opening the video window and wondered whether it could be the same song and whether I could enjoy it. In both cases, I was proven correct. There is no actual need to make comparisons between the original executioner and the "New Firing Squad" because both performances surprised me pleasantly. Kudos !

  6. Not trying to disrespect Chris, (rest in peace, man) but this one bring more vibes to "Bond" itself. Nice cover.

  7. صدای محشری داره و تنطیمه اهنگشم فوق العادس
    از کاراشون خیلی خوشم میاد

  8. Great musicians 'but' the lead vocalist-singer has too deep a voice or not the range to hit the higher notes to make this an indelible 'yes'…but a great effort!

  9. I love the band, I love the song. Life's only competition is with the self, so no need to say one is better or worse, that is subjective to the listener, so instead of pouring more negativity into the world, lets just enjoy the good together!

  10. I ain't gonna compare anyone with anyone. My ears craved for a good song. After listening to this, they got satisfied.

  11. Тот случай,когда кавер-версия в разы превосходит оригинал!!!!😘

  12. underrated band but then again if they were well known they would probably get butchered by the american record companies

  13. This sounds greatly awesome. And now I have its original version to listen to, but seriously, you put a gorgeus show here

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