Poets of the Fall ~ The Poet and the Muse // Lyrics

43 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall ~ The Poet and the Muse // Lyrics

  1. on that fateful night with the loud echos
    i waited for you for years together
    but the lake looked back at me with a smile
    after all without a muse, what poet am i.

  2. Love this song! If Stephen King wrote music, THIS would be it, lol! My favorite part is when he drops his voice to say "Nightmares shifted in their sleep "— mmm, chills!😁💖

  3. subtitulos como el pico mismo puestos, primero cantan a la hora despues sale la wea que dicen… como la mierda el video ql xDD la cancion es buena si XD

  4. "And when he swore to bring back his love by the stories he'd create…
    Nightmares shifted in their sleep in the darkness of the lake."

    Damn, what a song. Wish I could play Alan Wake again.

  5. What a haunting and amazing song! I just so love this band I can't say it enough! I did not know they made it for a game. I will have to check out the game now. LOL

  6. From Alan Wake or not, you should listen to this song/play Alan Wake. They are completing each other.

  7. Barbara Jagger’s story is a very sad one. I wish we could have learned more about what she was like before the darkness took her.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLxb7m0j5Jg

    The official artist channel is here. Go give em some love they have way fewer views.

  9. This song is amazing…I personally would like to hear them turn Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven into a song…I don't know if it is just me but these guys can turn a story and make it epic!!!

  10. Like Max Payne, Alan Wake the game, needs to be experienced. Buy it, pirate it, but you must experience it. This is how you set a story and this is how to let the player figure it out themselves. I hope some young gamers seek for themselves and play these games.

  11. A beautiful beautiful ballad replete with imagery. Poets are truly poets. Each of their songs is lyrically just amazing.

  12. Song is good but typed-off-kilter-as-spoken lyric display is confusing and hard to follow. It either needs to match up perfectly, or just display a verse at a time. Especially the lines shrinking as a word drops down to the next line is particularly jarring.

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