Poets of the Fall – Sleep (Live w/ Lyrics)

42 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Sleep (Live w/ Lyrics)

  1. Как нежно … уже как года три я думаю будет мега клип а он и не нужен… песня тому кто чувствует. ..

  2. His voice is so beautiful and soothing! One of my favorite songs from POTF! The ending though!

    Hush now little child
     Don't give up and don't you cry
    For the evil once they're gone
    They're far beyond the sun
    So now you may sleep

    Why couldn't those lyrics be in the studio version?

  3. Божечки-пирожечки! Голос просто как бальзам в уши)

  4. Как можно петь ТАК вживую? Как это вообще возможно? Incredible!

  5. блин, одни девки на концерте. это что, если мне их музыка нравится, я тоже в душе баба что ль?

  6. The best band i have ever seen your songs are so real that sometimes it gives me goosebumps it's because of you guys that i like Western music keep making such kind of wonderful songs

  7. Marko Saaresto and Mark(c)o Hietala two my favorite finnish male vocalist! Poets Of The Fall and Nightwish 🙂

  8. This is the first song I have heard of these guys, it is a charming song. The lyricists is awesome. I appreciate the talent that is rare this day and age of ghost writers.

  9. The last unofficial sentences made the music got even better, oh God! You guys are so freacking awesome! Love from Brazil!

  10. Моя любимая песня,могу бесконечно наслаждаться!И в хорошем настроении,и в грустном!

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