Poets of the Fall – Moonlight Kissed (Official 4K Video w/ Lyrics)

I see shadow and light stroking the mist and I hear voices take flight and send out our wish of peaceful dreams on a night moonlight kissed When tendrils of smoke lash the street
and shamelessly court disguised honey sweet to cater all sorts and hushed tones all agree and the world distorts. Wishing on a speck of dust in this crazy ocean of fate, an echo of a memory and maybe just a little too late. Fingers of blue on the snow reaching to touch the warm light still aglow across the porch. We watch the scene die untold outside our window. For my words are the salt of lust on that ivory skin, difficult to hear at all through the everyday din. What is this if not some witchcraft wrapped up widdershins to lead us all astray, hook in mouth, on through such webs of lies truth’s a distant star in our eyes moonlight kissed. New day comes again and it laughs in your face whispering secrets of pain by all its names, what flame could burn out the stain of a life misplaced. But summer’s scents still lingers in your hair, despite the ache there’s magic everywhere. Out the window run rebellion rapt with all you find for seeking something new. Play in the ponds like summer’s wind. Dance with trees melding with mist beyond the flower field like you’re moonlight kissed.

34 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Moonlight Kissed (Official 4K Video w/ Lyrics)

  1. Po-et-ry-in-mo-tion is the sublime Marko, heart rending and beautiful song with the kind of emotion only Marko can bring to any song. ❤️😘❤️

  2. I love this group. I only just found them, but they are so inspiring to me. I intend to use their music to inspire my writing, and maybe one day my voice will be heard like theirs.

  3. 43 Years of existence, and this is the first time I've ever heard this song. What a shame in that because it is amazing.

  4. Ever since i have heard this song, it's been stuck in my head. When I listen to it, I get chills. I love this song so much.

  5. Fuuuuucckkk!!! Where have these guys been in my life! I've been a Nightwish fan for almost 15 yrs!! I have never heard of these guys from Finland! Heard on Spotify the other day. Im completely hooked! I live in USA. So good!!!! I thought Roy Kahn (ex-Kamolet singer) from Conception had a great voice! Both are fantastic!!!

  6. i will never understand why this band is so underrated id rather listen to marko sing for hours on end than listen to other people geez potf needs more recognition

  7. Your voice. It put me in a trance. What is it if not witchcraft. No but really I replayed this song along with many others of yours for hours on end. It’s so entrancing. I’m in L O V E!! I really wanna see you all live. I wanna see you in Ukraine 19.2 especially since it’s my favorite country and I can see you all. Sadly I most likely probably can’t but I will travel there in my mind. Just know you have a huge fan and I absolutely love your music and ahhhh

  8. أرى ظلاً ونوراً
    يداعب الضباب
    وأسمع أصواتاً تبتعد
    حاملة رغبتنا
    بأحلام هانئة
    في ليلة قبّلها القمر
    عرائش من دخانٍ
    تجلد الشوارع
    وفناء البيت المكشوف بلا خجلٍ
    كأنه عسلٌ حلو متنكر
    ليشربه الجميع
    والألحان هامسة هكذا قال المدعوون
    عندما تشوش العالم
    أحلامي ليست سوى حفنة غبارٍ
    في محيط القدر المجنون
    صدى لذكريات ربما جاءت متأخرة
    الأصابع المزرقة من الثلج
    تمتد لتلمس الشعلة التي لا تزال تتوهج
    على عتبة البيت
    نراقب الأحتفال يتلاشى بسرية
    خارج نافذتنا
    كلماتي ليست سوى ملح الشهوة
    المتناثر على جلدك العاجي
    لكن من الصعب أن تسمع
    عبر ضجيج الأيام
    ما هذا أذا لم يكن شعوذة
    معاكسات محضرة بعناية
    لتقودنا للجنون
    شبكة من الأكاذيب المتعلقة بالشفاه
    حيث الحقيقة ليست سوى
    نجمة بعيدةً في عينيك
    قبلها القمر
    يوم آخر يقبل مجدداً
    ويبتسم لك
    ثم يهمس لك بأسرار الألم وكل أسماءه
    أي شعلة يمكن أن تنبعث من رماد
    حياة راوحت في غير مكانها
    لكن عبق الصيف
    ما زال يفوح من شعرك
    ورغم الألم المتواصل
    هناك جمال في كل مكان
    وخارج نافذتنا هناك تمرد
    متأصل في كل شيء
    للبحث عن شيء جديد
    كرياح الصيف التي تلهو في البحيرات
    تراقص الأشجار وتمتزج بالضباب المندى
    وخلف كل هذا حقل من الأزهار حيث
    قبلك ضوء القمر

  9. Music with real lyrics. This band shows alot of feelings that I love. It's not just a spreading of words… Gongratz, Poets of the Fall!

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