Poets of the Fall – Daze (Official Video)

30 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Daze (Official Video)

  1. Nice voice, nice song, nice musical harmony, very good musical composition. Good taste of music! keep up the good work!
    ohhh i forgot to admit that Musicians from Helsinki are one of the most talented musicians in the world!

  2. Awesome song and band so glad I came across this band. Why are they not as famous or well known I think they are better than most bands I hear

  3. Six big hero which has came from another planet… this lyric is some thing I believe that can't be made by a human … wow …. I don't know any word which can describe it …. how it's possible to sing and make a high state of art but not be popular…

  4. I recently just discovered this band, from their song Carnival of Rust. That being said, it caught me off-guard that this sounds so much different from Carnival of Rust. Such a great band, literally everything I hear is just so good. If that's not good enough, the music videos are all cinema quality.

    In a day an age where people just slap auto-tune over everything and yell gibberish over a beat to find success, I'm glad there are still band out there that challenge the way you think, that make you want to listen to literally every word and to make their music videos into short stories.

    I honestly go back to '09 and wonder why in the hell I have never heard of this band.

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  6. Можно слушать и слушать…Поет круто,и как артист очень талантливый,джокера сиграл очень круто. могли вообще эту тематику для имиджа себе забрать)

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