Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust (Official Video w/ Lyrics)

46 thoughts on “Poets of the Fall – Carnival of Rust (Official Video w/ Lyrics)

  1. I feel like this means like will lure you down dark paths and you might get lost in them and start to enjoy it whilst you simultaniously hate it and you only have so many chances until youve wasted all your tokens and its all over

  2. Song that reminds me of my dad's death. I've heard this first time at the very same day my dad passed away. I have even tattooed "figures" from this video to my arm. I love this song.

  3. I went to the concert in Prague yesterday. And believe it, they are as much good in live as they are if not more in these videos. No auto-tune, just natural mystical voice <3 <3

  4. Legit masterpiece.. I bet after a century also if any one listen to this masterpiece will go mad.. Quality work..

  5. 10 looong years. Feels like yesterday. Used to listen in high school. I wanna go back to those days😞😞😞

  6. Thanks to my Guitar teacher who suggested me this song …I'm blessed 💖 Poets of the Fall music pierces your heart…. i hate the fact that they are so underrated

  7. What I believe is that some body and just some body deserve to real art … like stuff this band make …

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